“Sword Art Online”came from before

    One day, when listening to the novel, I suddenly felt that the animation"Sword Art Online"had a prequel. What's the matter?

    I say it is a brief introduction on the Science Fiction Award winning novel Beijing fold

    Baidu Encyclopedia: Hao Jingfang has constructed a city of different spaces and different classes in Beijing fold, which can be folded up like"Transformers", but"has a more cold sense of reality". The story mostly comes from her own daily life and describes the real human feelings.

    In different spaces, different people live in different categories. The third space is the bottom workers, the second space is the middle-class white-collar workers, and the first space is the managers in power. This is a typical anti Utopian setting. It is common in many Hollywood films - hunger game, blissful space, against the world and snow train. They all follow such a routine. The class gap will only become wider and wider, and finally there will be complete physical isolation between classes. In Beijing, which can be folded, the better people not only have a more exquisite life, but also have a longer time.

    However, in general, in such works, those in power have to rely on the labor of exploiting the lower class to maintain their own survival, which is also the powder magazine where the story conflict breaks out. But Hao Jingfang took a deep step in thinking: what if the lower class people lose their reason to be exploited? With the development of productivity, the labor force is no longer important. Lao Dao, the protagonist, is one of the 20 million garbage workers, but robots can handle garbage, but they keep this part of the work for the needs of social stability. Therefore, these people can only be"stuffed into the night"and do not participate in the operation of social economy.

    Naturally, this is not a good life, but this life even makes people unable to resist. The opponents of Lao Dao are not exploiters. They are facing the array of nothing.

    Why is folding a prequel? I would also like to mention a prequel, which is a micro novel, the depository people /America /Quinn.

    Introduction: at a meeting of a multinational alliance, it was announced that the country had hypnotized a large number of people through a magical and happy hypnosis technology, and completely solved its economic problems. When new labor or soldiers are needed, you can wake up the right people from the library according to the needs and fill the vacancy immediately. In this way, the problem is solved, social security and welfare can also be greatly reduced, and the whole society will enter a stable state. However, with the increasing number of people hypnotized and fewer and fewer people, new problems come again.

    Why do I regard the above two novels as the prequel of Sword Art Online? Take a look at my logic

    In a certain year, a group of people who have nothing to do have been bothering various families, whether they are sociologists, entrepreneurs or scientists. They all try their best to deal with these people who have nothing to do. They came up with various methods and staged a thrilling or touching story. Here are some stories.

    First, the people in stock, as described in the novel, directly hypnotizes those who have nothing to do, but the end of the novel says that it is not an effective way.

    Second, many years have passed, and the center of the story has shifted from continental Europe to Asia, a city with a large population. They have improved the cold, simple and rough way of hypnosis. Instead, they allocate active time, inactive time or forced sleep. This approach is obviously a lot milder. The novel depicts the story of Lao Dao, who was assigned the least activity time in this set experimental environment. The comments on the works excerpted above mentioned that"this is naturally not a good life, but this life even makes people unable to resist". We also can't know whether he can continue stably.

    Third, the cattle who are not satisfied with these methods are still thinking about various ways. Our hero, Mao Chang Jingyan, made a move, completely sneaking system, a virtual world game Sao that can't get in and out. Mao Chang Jingyan, known as a quantum physicist and talented game designer, designed an experiment to try"what happens when people live in the virtual world for a long time?". He wants to know if people who have nothing to do will get real happiness in the virtual world he designed? If the experiment gets positive results, then The problem that plagued all kinds of families was really solved.

    "Sword Art Online"recorded the moving experience of some experimental objects in the experiment, and the experiment has achieved phased success. The inner description of the characters in the story gives me a great inspiration. If the logic of finding solutions for the idle people is put on the Sword Art Online, then there will be a lot of new feelings when I read the novel again. So I saw a lot of prequels.

    What is the purpose of Mao Chang Jingyan? I didn't understand it when I read the animation. Why should such a big cow kill himself? In the circle of crazy scientists, he is also an alternative. He scans his brain with a very low success rate. What's the picture? Set for the setting of the novel? One day I heard Quinn's novel and felt about this cow man. He is a physicist who has feelings and wants to do social experiments. He wants to create a new world.

    Do you have a feeling that even without the complete stealth system, many people are voluntarily entering the world built by a pile of code and living in the real world for less and less time until one day, my God, I feel that the hacker empire will be passed on after another setting.

    Sneaking era 16372516, cheap intelligent life assistance system has been born, and more and more people have nothing to do. 90% of human beings on the earth have entered the sneaking state. Sneaking people will be approved to return to the real world only when they have children, and then their children will continue to sneak with them. The memory of returning to the real world will be erased. After a few generations, sneaking world People don't know they are sneaking, leaving only some legends about the fairy world. Only those who have been issued a special pass can stay in the real world for a long time. There are many ways to obtain the pass. They are: 1 fairy wave the horn, select someone, 2. Tonggu and people's descendants inherited the glorious tradition of their ancestors. He realized that he lived in a virtual world. He chose a forced strategy and directly challenged the administrator and program settings, resulting in various open stories.

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    “Sword Art Online”came from before



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