Seishun Buta Yaro only has two episodes to receive numerous apprentices. What is the”charm”of male masters?

    Dongling chatted about animation, poverty unsealed, and began to enter October. In addition to the three swords and three demons, donglingjun is also optimistic about Seishun Buta Yaro. Not looking at the score, just looking at the barrage, this is very attractive, as evidenced by the picture.

    There are only two episodes, and there are so many little partners"worship the master and recognize the master".

    And"The Ryuo's Work is Never Done!","Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend"and other harem Fanzhong,"we XX don't believe in ghost...""Go and catch the traitor..."That kind of bystanders like the bullet screen is different,"Seishun Buta Yaro"in the bullet screen in the word frequency is more of a teacher type entry. This shows that the young partners still agree with the male leader, katakawa Katai. Katai's words and deeds are appreciated by everyone.

    Why are you tired of being with your sister and come to visit your teacher when you have too few bad comments? Dongling king to analyze the advantages of this man.

    1. He always behaves very seriously. How serious is he? Not much explanation. Look at the picture. This gentleman is much more serious than those who are funny and not serious men. If you look serious, you will bring your own righteousness, which is easy to make the audience"respect".

    2. He is really good to the Ma Yi elder sister. In order to learn from his sister, he made a deal with the reporter Nan Tiao Wenxiang and sold his secret. He has done a lot of intelligence research for his sister. And the second sentence also tells a well reasoned story. I help you because someone has helped me before.

    3. His friendliness is not only for beautiful women, but also for the public with a full sense of justice. Second, he took the initiative to help the lost little girl find her mother. Pay attention to this is to go on a date with Ma Yi sister. Being untimely is a very impolite thing for the Japanese. (see the old article"Chio's School Road"for more details. Take the risk of standing up and help others. Transpose and think about it. I'm in a hurry to see my girlfriend. I'm also in the mood to see passers-by a, B and C. who has encountered difficulties? How many people can do it?

    4. He worked very seriously, checked the data, made analysis, and consulted the double leaf Liyang of the scientific research society. He was so serious that he moved out the theory of quantum mechanics. I met the rabbit girl in the library. Maybe the man is still a school bully.

    5. He has a true temperament in his bones. He doesn't have a smartphone. The previous smartphone was thrown into the sea because he was upset, and then he didn't buy a new one. Not the kind of person who likes the new and hates the old and goes with the tide.

    The abovePoints have created an image suitable for being a"teacher"in terms of character. Let's talk about the ability to be a teacher.

    6. The man's conversation skills are very good, and donglingjun also wants to worship his teacher.

    [that bunny dress is too coquettish for me to forget] an irrefutable fact. When asked by Ma Yi if you have fantasies, the man replied,"my psychological activities are more non-existent than you think, but Ma Yi students must have a lot of adults.". 】The hostess is comfortable for the listener and interesting for the viewer. When the female showerhead asked the male showerhead not to peek, the male showerhead said this ["I can cook three bowls of rice just by listening to the sound of the shower. I think it's the style of a mature woman to let the younger brother listen and let him struggle"] is it very similar to the previous set of words? First describe the mentality of the parties in an exaggerated way, and then wear a high hat for the female owner, which ends with endless entanglement. If you can't learn, you should learn from your teacher.

    Similarly, the date was late. The woman complained about waiting too long and asked for an explanation. At this time, the man began to wear a high hat for the woman again. [students in sackcloth are definitely not so cute. They will wait for a late man foolishly. You must be a fake]. With such a boast, the hostess immediately calmed down and explained the reason for the process. This conversation level and communication skills are really available. I can be a teacher with this knowledge reserve.

    "Seishun Buta Yaro"has both virtue and business level. It is no wonder that they admire him so much.

    Looking at the process, the first words of"Seishun Buta Yaro"start with the words that the younger sister of the man is still"do you think we XX will believe your stories?"But it didn't take long for the little friends to take it and turn to the teacher. At the speed of this transformation, it is also worth pursuing. It may become a powerful contender for hegemony.

    Routine benefits: Tao Te Ching has clouds, depression makes profit, and poverty makes new. Lower your mind, there will be more energy to pour into you. So many little friends are keeping a low profile and learning from experts. Does this coincide with that sentence? Donglingjun believes that they must keep a low profile and learn the advantages of men with an open mind. This is the style that mature a-house should have.

    Donglingjun's level is still not good. This high hat is a little far fetched. How do you praise your little friend who wants to worship? Welcome to leave a message and give advice.

    Seishun Buta Yaro only has two episodes to receive numerous apprentices. What is the”charm”of male masters?



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