Brief comment on Alicization of Sword Art Online: why to say”amnesia”is also a kind of ability

    There is a sense of dullness before. Recently, I saw another view that"amnesia is also an ability". It happens that the story of Alicization in Sword Art Online provides a good"amnesia"observation environment. Let's talk about this topic in this article.

    The amnesia we want to talk about here is not pathological amnesia. In the article of rationalization, Tong Ren, yasina and others enter the"under world"world through the shake light game device"sound translator". They forget about the real world and travel through the game world with a new attitude. It can be said that they have lost their memory in the game world.

    "amnesia"can bring new stories. For example, our Tongren brother can have a big fight with his"ex wife"(purely hypothetical), because they are strangers after all. They can also fall in love again, relive the shyness and freshness of love, and stage a legendary n-world love, which is the real love. Of course, Grandpa tong can also talk about a new love.

    "amnesia", those habits that once adhered to have been forgotten. I talked about the old text and got through the first level of the demon tree. Tongren were upgraded by mistake. If they hadn't chatted up with seruka (the habit of chatting up with girls seems to have not been forgotten), seruka wouldn't have gone to the cave. Master Tong and Eugene will not save seruka, will not fight against the evil goblin, and will not upgrade. It seems that Tong people really forgot the basic rules of the game to find little monsters to practice and upgrade. Wasted a long time and cut down the big tree in vain. In the"under world"world, Tongren's strategy of"playing games"seems to have changed. It really cooperates with the arrangement of the experimenters.

    "amnesia", players will quickly keep up with the changes of that world. You don't have to think about drawing friends from the real world to form a team with him, don't have to take your once invincible mentality, let alone think about whether the new game interface design is smooth, whether players are used to it, and what are the similarities and differences with other works. He just needs to test how to grow up in this world as soon as possible and keep up with the rhythm of this new world. The idea is pure, and naturally I will devote myself to it.

    It's really ridiculous to see Master Tong's performance in the dead gun article. It's obviously a shooting game, because the man didn't lose his memory. He actually used a lightsaber. If it weren't for the hero's aura or the author's back door, nine of the ten Tongren would have failed. There is an old movie"divine whip". I don't know how master Tong will feel after watching it.

    When we change to play a new anti habit game, for example, the condition for upgrading is to be hacked to death by our teammates, and a large number of good monster mothers will come to stop your teammates from"euthanasia". It is necessary to abandon old experiences and ideas, and amnesia has become a very important ability.

    The usefulness of the ability to lose memory has been explained. Then add the views seen by Dongling Jun. the style of Dongling chat animation is to cross back and forth in two or three dimensions.

    That view holds that the reason why this amnesia ability is of practical significance is that our era is an era of rapid change, especially where we are. In the twinkling of an eye, several generations have experienced great changes. People often say how about the post-80s, the post-90s and the post-00s. It seems to be a generation gap. Carefully check the signs. It can also be said that those groups have too strong memory and slightly weak amnesia ability. People who are not good at"amnesia"stick to the old habits. They can't see this and eat that. They struggle in memory. They became laggards, out, out.

    Above, we talked about the benefits of"amnesia ability"by using the experience of playing games with Li Tong people in Sword Art Online. In the process of great changes in real society, this ability is equally important. If you want to be eliminated unprepared, you must give up some old cognition.

    Nagging at the end: read it in combination with the relevant old articles of the young pig won't dream of the rabbit girl. Growth, amnesia and change are combined in sets. Without"amnesia", there is no growth and change. I don't understand how fast our world changes. Look at the three bodies.

    What are the small changes in recent years? Donglingjun thinks cartoons are one of them. Although the human design and technology have changed greatly, the spiritual change is not great. Take the old animation decades ago, we won't feel how awkward and incomprehensible the actions of those animated characters are. Some people say that Xiyangyang copied Smurfs, which doesn't mean there's no big change. What hasn't changed much over the years may only be children. What is the child's mentality? Talk about planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~. I've written too much again. Let's stop here first. Forward and like.

    Postscript: Nowadays, a popular word is"past not love", which is the attitude of wise people towards past"knowledge". For the general public, a simpler way to deal with it may be"amnesia".

    Brief comment on Alicization of Sword Art Online: why to say”amnesia”is also a kind of ability



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