How much punishment is it to sweep the toilet? Why do girls go to the bathroom together? The second thing about the toilet in the animation

    How many punishments is cleaning the toilet?

    Let's take a look at some screenshots in the animation.

    As a result, the children were really found, and then they were fined to clean the toilet according to the regulations.

    What would they rather be punished than do? Is to see a very huge agricultural harvester. From the reward for paying the price and the expression when cleaning the toilet. Cleaning the toilet should be regarded as a lighter punishment, which is not different from cleaning the sports venues.

    This is not like us. We always take this punishment very seriously. Why? Is it true that an anime actress doesn't take off her skirt when she goes to the bathroom? It has been mentioned in the cartoon about the toilet that Japan has its own toilet culture.

    Hand washing the toilet is a compulsory course for primary and secondary schools in Japan

    The president of a Japanese company I know. He comes to the company at 7 o'clock every morning and the first thing he does is to clean the toilet. The president is in his 70s. His company has more than 100 employees, mainly producing auto parts for Toyota Motor Company. The old man cleaned the toilet without gloves, but knelt on the ground and washed it by hand. Once I asked him, why don't you hire a cleaner and clean it yourself every day? He replied to me and said that it was because there was a god of wealth in the toilet.

    In our Chinese impression, the toilet is a dirty place. Therefore, we have formed a habit that the more dirty the place is, the less we clean it well. The reason is very simple. We only regard the toilet as a place for one's excretion, not as a cultural place.

    The Japanese don't think so. The president told me a story. It is said that there were eight immortals in ancient Japan. Once they were invited to Penglai Fairy Island for a banquet. As a result, the God of wealth didn't catch up with the treasure boat because he went to the toilet. When he arrived at Penglai Fairy Island, the seven immortals had raised their glasses to a banquet and didn't reserve a seat for themselves, so he hid in the toilet. Therefore, there are only seven immortals on the treasure ship in Japan, not eight.

    The story told by the old president is the story of the famous Seven blessing gods in Japan. I can hear that it is a replica of the story of"Eight Immortals crossing the sea"in ancient China. When he said this, he made it clear why the eight immortals became seven immortals. But I didn't expect that the eighth fairy, also the most important god of wealth, was actually brought into the toilet. Well, where the God of wealth lives, if you don't clean it every day, wealth will not come. Therefore, the old president scrubbing the toilet every day is actually a practice of burning incense and worshipping God.

    Excerpt from Xu Jingbo's Japanese

    Therefore, it's not a matter to clean the toilet.

    Why do girls go to the bathroom together?

    In animation, we often see this scene - girls go to the bathroom in twos and threes, or make up in the bathroom. In"I really want to tell you", our heroine"Sadako"was vilified by the girls who went to the bathroom.

    The general explanation is as follows

    1. Feel frightened in your heart, so you have a sense of security. Reliability index ☆★★★★

    If there are more people, there will be no chance for bad people.

    2. Relieve boredom and crowd out boredom. The reliability index is ☆☆★

    It's boring to line up in the women's toilet. Go to the toilet together. Someone can chat on the road or even in the queue. However, the girls are not lonely, but the line is longer.

    3. To express intimacy. The reliability index ☆★★★

    The dialogue between girls reflects the joint relationship and means intimacy. Girls' group going to the bathroom is actually a way of socializing and a way for girls to stabilize their friendship. The public toilet is a"safe"place to"gossip"and talk about private topics, which requires more than two people to complete. It's not that girls don't review.

    4. You can help each other, reliability index ★★★★,

    Go to the bathroom together, you can help each other, you help me get a bag, and I'll help you zip up. Nowadays, girls have more and more portable equipment, more than men in EDC circle. How can it be done without help. There are all kinds of complicated clothes, which also need the help of close friends. The toilet is still a place for makeup and makeup, so if you can have a best friend to help you with your makeup, it's also excellent.

    After finishing

    , look at these two questions about the toilet topic. I initiated a discussion in the group.

    How can we solve the problem of queuing in women's toilets?

    Intercepted several interesting answers.

    1. Strengthen the supply direction and increase the squatting position. There are data solutions in the first part. There's really nothing to say. It's for nothing.

    2. Improve efficiency and utilization. There are many kinds of this.

    Long billing or VIP channel on time is tough enough. Everything depends on money. What about diarrhea. It is divided into fast and slow squatting positions, which is similar to the fast lane and slow lane. The time limit charge for fast squatting positions and overtime payment. It's like a highway. Shield the mobile phone signal in the squatting position and add a flashing lamp. The reason is that many people play with mobile phones inside, sit there to make up, and need to drive them out. Standing up and squatting, let the girls stand up, which has been seen in the news before. It seems unreliable. Improve toilet culture and rely on self-consciousness in everything.

    3. Reduce demand or provide alternative solutions. Well, I still think so.

    In the scenic area, the whole wasteland is covered with curtains. Go to the toilet and return to the original. In fact, many men do this. The so-called fat water does not leave outsiders' fields. In the evening, the workers buried and leveled, and the next day they replaced the tent area, so they took turns to plough.

    What are reliable? Welcome to discuss.

    How much punishment is it to sweep the toilet? Why do girls go to the bathroom together? The second thing about the toilet in the animation



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