How to evaluate”Silver Spoon”, a story of Cinderella in rural areas pursuing her dream

    The second season of Silver Spoon, finally finished, waiting for the third season. Very good animation, but every time I recommend this animation, it is labeled"agriculture, rural areas and farmers", which is really speechless. This time, we'll just talk about agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

    It is very important to pursue dreams, but the reality also has a strong sense of

    It is said that the No.1 female in Silver Spoon, yuyingqiu, does not want to inherit the family business and wants to go to work related to horses. The family held a meeting and decided to agree with her to give up inheriting her family's farm and pursue her dream. However, as people from the past, parents understand the difficulty of survival and need to leave a way for the baby. They require yuyingqiu to go to college before he can give up his family business.

    The story is very simple. In contrast to yuyingqiu, there is Ichiro kojichang, male No. 2. He left school to work in order to pay off his debts and gave up his favorite baseball.

    In a word, no matter what dream, the students of Silver Spoon have goals and efforts. (just finished)

    It's good to have a family business

    In the first two seasons, sometimes I really envy them. It's good to have a family business. The students there don't want to run to the city. It's very different from our rural children.

    Why not? It's an old topic. There is a huge gap between urban and rural areas.

    Why is the gap so large?

    First share two articles,"Xu Jingbo: why don't the Japanese like to divide up their property?""Logic thinking: eldest son inheritance system"

    These two articles say the same thing, property inheritance. The introduction is that the family property is not evenly distributed, but inherited by one person, which brings benefits. What are the benefits?

    Without separation, it is easy to form large real estate and capital, and it is easier to do big things. Children who can't inherit their family property are more likely to work hard and struggle by themselves, and there are fewer black sheep. Those who inherit the family property have a more sense of responsibility and a sense of gratitude. As a side benefit, home is more cohesive.

    Take the 16th century for example, China's Ming Dynasty had a population of more than 100 million, while the European continent had only 50 million and Britain had only a few million. Because the British implemented the eldest son inheritance system more thoroughly, at that time, 25% of young people did not marry or have children for life.

    The difference in population size is, of course, reflected in the economy. Therefore, the economy of ancient China was much more developed than that of Europe.

    However, this difference of inheritance system has played a completely opposite role in the process of modernization.

    When Britain develops capitalism, it has unique conditions. The eldest sons contribute capital and the younger sons are responsible for taking risks. With both monetary capital and human capital, capitalism has developed so smoothly.

    Let's look at China again. Originally, economic development was good, but China's small-scale peasant economy could not play in the capitalist era, and it was much more difficult to accumulate capital. Even if accumulated, once the old man died and separated, he became a pile of small capital. Moreover, the children of the landowner's family can get a share of the family property in the future. There are more black sheep waiting to die, and the enterprising spirit is not enough.

    Therefore, the different inheritance systems also have a great impact on the fate of the two peoples in modern times.

    A cultural factor is different, its formation is often accidental, and its role is different in different periods. You gain an advantage at this stage and may become a disadvantage at another stage. This conversion is often unexpected.

    The interesting part of learning history is here.

    It's interesting to think about rural problems according to this logic. It's really this reason. The land is not concentrated, and the more points, the more fragmented. Everyone's psychology is playing their own small abacus, which is really difficult to build. If the construction is not good, the development is slow. If the development is slow, it can not keep up with the pace of the city. The gap is large. They all want to run to the city, and no one takes their family business seriously.

    I only want my family property, not my family property.

    Are there any opportunities for rural construction? To paraphrase the words of male No. 1 baxuan Yongwu

    A person who has failed once can't do anything?

    Just once, does it become all bad?

    Isn't that the same as economic animals?

    Because only one illness and only one injury will affect productivity (production efficiency), it will be sent for disposal.

    It's like an economic animal!

    (end of double play)

    This Silver Spoon is really good. After turning it over, I wrote several articles and recommended it again. I hope it will come out in the third season as soon as possible.

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    How to evaluate”Silver Spoon”, a story of Cinderella in rural areas pursuing her dream



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