How to evaluate”The Journey of Elaina”: send the tutor at the beginning, the unit story is cured and depressed, thought-provoking

    Little Witch Academia is an animation that donglingjun likes very much. Yako, the female leader, is not strong enough. After the animation, he has not learned how to ride a broom.

    The animation is long over. This season, donglingjun went back to"The Journey of Elaina", the theme is similar to"Little Witch Academia", but the story age is higher, the people are more mature, and the picture is more delicate."Little Witch Academia"did not see enough friends, look at this"The Journey of Elaina"will never regret.

    Irena, who grew up in Roberta, the country of peace, is very fond of the short story collection Nicole's adventures, and is more attracted by the protagonist Nicole, so she is determined to become a witch when she grows up and travel around the world like Nicole. Similar to Little Witch Academia, the power of idols is great and the driving force for many people to move forward. Irena, the female master, practised magic and stepped on the The Journey of Elaina. She was also attracted by the idols of her predecessors.

    As we all know, it's not easy to be a witch. You have to study, take an exam, and travel as a witch. You can't go to other places where magicians gather and live without stepping stones and qualification.

    Send it to Shifu at the beginning. My Shifu is really busy and accepts me as an apprentice

    Irena belongs to a witch genius and is jealous. No one in the local witch is willing to teach her. There lived a high-level Stardust witch not far from Elena's house. Her level is equivalent to that of a foreign academician and doctoral advisor. The witch came all the way to teach here specifically to teach her. No wonder someone joked that this apprenticeship could produce a book. My master was so busy that he accepted me as an apprentice.

    The great witch teacher sharpened her temper, taught her skills, and then gave her a net name - the Witch of gray. After passing the test, the great witch gave Irena a witch Brooch (that is, the witch qualification certificate), and then left in a hurry. The witch got her certificate and began to travel around the world.

    Look at the second sentence, which is likely to be the trend of unit drama. Several episodes of a country, an interesting and moving story, relaxed and pleasant (some say it will be abused and the trend will change). Just wait and see.

    This animation is recommended. In addition to its lovely style, the works modified by novels such as XX's journey are generally not very bad. Spice and Wolf, Kino's Journey and so on. Go to different countries, meet different people, get involved in all kinds of events, meet and leave, and display local customs.

    It's a little helpful for broadening your horizons. Although they are all made up, these works are more or less mixed with the author's knowledge and thinking. In my mind, this kind of travel belongs to one of the more nutritious animation categories. So I'm still optimistic about it.

    Will The Journey of Elaina be disappointing? It's just on the air. We'll discuss it later.

    How to evaluate”The Journey of Elaina”: send the tutor at the beginning, the unit story is cured and depressed, thought-provoking



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