Look at the cartoon”Anthem of the Heart”in the paper mahjong, Chongqing boy’s card mahjong is also called invention?

    A few days ago, Du Niang recommended a news, the name is"Chongqing guy invented card mahjong, someone offered 500000 to buy a patent and was rejected".

    It is said that people in Chongqing and Sichuan love playing mahjong. Mahjong halls are always full on weekends or not. Wang Kai, a Ma you who lives in yutie Xiyuan, Yubei District, Chongqing, usually likes playing mahjong. He is troubled by the large number of people in the mahjong hall and the cost of tea every time. Wang Kai is an advertising designer of a catering company. He had an idea and designed mahjong on paper, so that it can be carried around like poker, eliminating the restrictions of mahjong hall.

    The reporter asked, there are many online mahjong now, and you don't have to go to the mahjong hall to play mahjong. Wang Kai said that there are too many online mahjong plug-in software, and it is not face-to-face, which is not conducive to communication, so he developed this"paper mahjong open door"portable mahjong and obtained a patent. Someone offered 500000 to buy a patent, which was rejected by him. The reporter praised Wang Kai's small creativity.

    All the comments say it's false news. They complain that the invention of paper mahjong can get a patent. I don't play mahjong. It's hard to judge this. However, at the weekend, I saw paper mahjong in the animation.

    The design of this paper mahjong is also very interesting. There is a card holder and a holder, which can be held or placed on the table, which not only meets the mobility, but also improves the ease of use. The key is to keep the old tradition of playing mahjong on the table. After looking at this card, what did that card invent? It's really a poor news editor who didn't tell the highlights?

    It's really good to watch nutritious cartoons when watching TV. You can see all kinds of things. People say it's good to go all the way, but what you choose to see in leisure can also be improved. When people travel, you travel. When people rest, you rest in the car. Who goes further?

    By the way, I would like to recommend this theatrical version of"Anthem of the Heart"today. All the major rating agencies have given this film more than 7.5 points. I am not good at painting music plots and so on. I'll just say a little.

    It is said that the main purpose of this work is to say what you want to say and express your mind. However, at the beginning, the female owner, Cheng Laishun, was"sealed"for her ability to speak (actually a mental illness), because she said what she wanted to say (without blocking her mouth), leading to the breakdown of the family. So although this film is good for children to watch, it should be properly guided. Parents' hearts - Fuck thin broken.

    You should speak skillfully and look at the environment. Even if you are sincere, you should speak skills and see the occasion. It is necessary to guide this.

    When the text is finished, spit another slot. Now after reading the news, I really feel like I'm wasting time again. With Du Niang's strength, can't his algorithm recommend something reliable? Even fresh ones will do. Look at what others push. It's also brand news.

    Brooklyn designer Fredericks & Mae created this set of color cards, each with a different tone. When sorted in order, they create a series of colors. Each box of cards includes a mini booklet about the history of playing cards.

    This card is still really beautiful, but when you meet someone who remembers cards, you spell memory.

    PS, the main points of this article

    1. When watching the news, you should be able to distinguish the true from the false. Many people push deliberately. We don't understand the reasons behind it. It's easy to be fooled.

    2,"Anthem of the Heart"is worth watching with children, but to be clear, the true words should be said, but the true words also need to be told skills to see the occasion.

    3. Introduce some cards with good design to broaden your horizons.

    Look at the cartoon”Anthem of the Heart”in the paper mahjong, Chongqing boy’s card mahjong is also called invention?



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