Is it true that anime actress doesn’t take off her skirt when she goes to the bathroom? Those things about the toilet in the animation

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    Just after section 51, I read a passage saying that in a famous 5A scenic spot, a woman complained to her little boyfriend,"I must be a man in my next life.". The little boyfriend asked why. The woman said: in this way, you don't have to queue up to go to the bathroom in your next life.

    Hehe, it's better to have a two-dimensional world. It's easier to go to the toilet, and a few shots will be finished. However, such a few scenes will always lead to a lot of discussion. I found two hot ones to talk about today.

    1. Does the anime actress take off her skirt when going to the toilet?

    There are supporters who can't take off their skirts

    The more reliable explanation is this. Everyone's habits are different. Some people say they like to take off their skirts for liberation, just like some men take off their pants to go to the bathroom. However, it seems that there are still many people who don't take off their skirts when going to the toilet. After all, once the skirt is taken off, it will fall directly to the ground, and there are often unknown water stains on the toilet floor, which doesn't feel very sanitary. In fact, most of the scenes of moving cartoon female characters going to the bathroom were not taken off.

    The animation in the west of chozaki

    Prelude Island III

    "Angel Beats! Is a good film. In the future, we will publish a separate article to recommend it

    Recently, my sister looks a little strange? 》

    Big data is overriding. Therefore, the minority obeys the majority and there is nothing to argue. Big data is popular in everything these days. Let me send a data rise knowledge.

    Through analysis, the average residence time of both sexes in the toilet when urinating: 39 seconds (± 6 seconds) for men and 89 seconds (± 7 seconds) for women, and the average toilet time of women is 2.3 times that of men. Based on this data and considering other factors, we have such a proposal.

    Dongling spectators said: why the ratio is not 5:1 or 7:3, because there is no need to pat the forehead with data.

    2. Is it true to eat Bento in the toilet?

    In Japanese animation, there are always some unpopular people who silently go to the sad place of the toilet and continue to eat Bento alone. In fact, it really has something to do with whether women are popular or not.

    It's true to have dinner in the toilet.

    "the toilet is so dirty. It's disgusting to eat there. It's really abnormal.". Many Chinese people think so. Actually.

    Do you think what you think is what you think?

    Japan has its own toilet culture. Since ancient times, Japan has the custom of eating in front of the toilet to worship gods. In many office buildings in Japan, or at home, the toilet is the cleanest place, even more than the kitchen and living room, because in the toilet, except for a box of water, there is no superfluous things, no peculiar smell, and even elegant perfume.

    See how happy the beauty is squatting in the toilet.

    The Japanese worship of the toilet can be seen from his naming of the toilet. In Japanese, the toilet is called"Royal hand washing". In Chinese characters, the"imperial"of"imperial hand washing"is mostly used for things related to the emperor. For example, the emperor's seal is called"imperial seal", and the emperor's throne is called"imperial throne". Therefore, after the Japanese introduced Chinese characters into their own country, he also added the word"Royal"to the toilet, just like respecting the emperor. It can be seen how much the Japanese attach importance to and respect the"toilet culture".

    Dongling spectator said: to push down the thinking boundary, you need to give up confrontation, restrain your emotions and admit your ignorance. See my article sent yesterday for details. Seeing these facts, I think eating in the toilet is a little abnormal.


    There are a lot of pictures this time. Due to space constraints, save these first and continue this topic in the next article. Welcome toDongling chat animation.

    All the pictures used come from the Internet. Thank those cartoonists for creating such rich content.

    Is it true that anime actress doesn’t take off her skirt when she goes to the bathroom? Those things about the toilet in the animation



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