Animated film The Breadwinner: it is rain and dew that nourish the flowers, not the rolling thunder

    There are bear children at home? Make sure to show them the multi award winning animated film

    2020 the season of April is coming to an end. Donglingjun has developed the habit of watching"the game of female B","Ascendance of a Bookworm","Arte"and"Kaguya-sama"for four consecutive times. This season, the female owners not only accounted for half the sky, but also stood at the highest point in terms of reputation and status. The scenery overshadowed the animation of men taking the lead in the same period. This season can be called the rise of women.

    Mentioned the rise of women. Previously, I talked about Huamulan. In this article, donglingjun talked about an animated film named"The Breadwinner", which is a hand-painted animated feature film released in 2017. The name of xiaomulan, Xiaohua under the war and the Breadwinner are all its names. The film is adapted from Deborah iris's novel of the same name. It tells the story of parwana, a girl disguised as a man, going out to work for the survival of her family in Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban.

    During the Taliban rule, women were not allowed to go out without permission and had no right to work. The father of the girl Parvana was unjustly imprisoned, and her family suddenly lost its economic support. Her mother and sister are mature and want to go out to work, but they can't. her young brother is too young. Only 11-year-old Parvana has the"condition"to dress up as a man and go out to work. With the help of Xiao Xiya, a classmate who has been working as a man for a long time, Parvana has also become a child wandering in the market One worker.

    It's not easy to support the family. Pavana also has a wish to meet her father in prison and try to rescue him. Make money to support the family and save the opportunity to save her father. The two story lines revolve around parna.

    At the same time, her mother is also trying to reduce expenses at home. She wants to marry her sister out and can't find her mother-in-law. What's the result? This is another story line.

    At the mouth of pavana, the film also tells a legendary story with beautiful pictures. That is the story of a teenager who broke through the danger and asked for seeds from the elephant king. The seed is the treasure for the villagers to survive. It is extremely precious. The elephant king's men stole the seed. The boy needs to gather three things to defeat the elephant king.

    These four story lines are staggered in the animation, and the 94 minute film is finished unconsciously. Finally, the film makes a summary"It is rain and dew that nourishes flowers, not the rolling thunder".

    There are bitter complaints about extreme religion and war, as well as praise for maternal and paternal love. The most praise is for the girl pavana's efforts to support their family in a difficult environment. As a gourd eater, donglingjun felt it was not easy to live after watching the film, and it was even more difficult to live in a turbulent world. Whether you are a man or a woman, whether you are an adult or a child. As long as you are not the people at the top of the pyramid, it is not easy to live.

    If there are bear children at home, you might as well take some time to take them to see this animation. There is one in station B. The viewer will take what he takes. Maybe he will get courage and strength. Maybe he will learn a sense of responsibility. Maybe she will feel that paying and sacrificing for others is a virtue. He may also feel that he is not young enough to be alone and become a little adult in an instant. It's good to be compassionate, capable and responsible. In short, after watching this film, he will gain something. He will not become a"second disease"to shout the slogan:"I want to rob your seeds on behalf of the elephant king...".

    Why is it important to show children good movies and animation? Because the emotion that nourishes the soul is not the stack of money.

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    Animated film The Breadwinner: it is rain and dew that nourish the flowers, not the rolling thunder



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