He is also a pirate of the Caribbean. His family has a lot of fertile land, but he is on the road of no return

    Before the inventory of animation in the well-known theft motive, encountered a class of robbers such as Lupin the Third not only for money but also for fun. Is there such an alternative character in the second dimension in the real world? Dongling happened to read such a historical figure and shared it as a foreign reference. It's also a pirate in the Caribbean, but this pirate's is very unusual.

    "gentleman pirate"is a famous family

    The robber who is not for money but for fun is named Stede bonnet. He was originally a rich second generation, but chose to be a pirate.

    Bonet joined the pirate cause entirely in pursuit of freedom, which has little to do with money, because he was originally a rich second generation. Bonet's father was a rich man in England and owned more than 400 acres of land. Bonet himself successfully inherited these properties. The rich second generation originally lived a carefree life and married Bai Fumei early according to the routine. In 1709, he married a local girl Mary alambi. After marriage, they gave birth to four children, three of whom lived to adulthood. But unexpectedly, because he couldn't bear the more and more annoying thoughts of his wife after marriage, he began to yearn for the outside world and longed to avoid the boring marriage with adventure and stimulation.

    Buy equipment

    Bonet chose to take risks to enjoy the Caribbean Sea. However, this man is really not expected to be a pirate. He entered the industry in the spring of 1717 without knowing anything. As a result, he didn't play cards according to the rules at all. Other people's pirate ships are robbed, which is like bandits! As for him, he actually spent money to build a pirate ship (money is willful!) , the ship was named revenge."Revenge"is not big, only more than 60 tons. In fact, the ship stolen in Shanghai can't be too big. The ship was equipped with ten muskets.

    The construction team

    "revenge"recruited more than 70 crew members. If the crew members follow the usual recruitment mode, it is unlikely that rich second-generation voters like Bonet, who have no ocean navigation experience and no pirate experience, will recruit sailors. The reason is very simple. People risk their lives to make a lot of money. As a captain, you have no experience. What benefits can you get from following you? But money can make the mill push the ghost. Bonet set a precedent in the pirate industry and paid the crew. This is a strange thing unheard of in the history of pirates in the past century. The pirates have always implemented the original distribution system. Everyone eats, lives and works together, and everyone has an equal share of the booty. Generally speaking, it means starting a business together, sharing risks and benefits, and never getting paid. However, if someone has money, they have to play like this. They not only share dividends, but also pay the minimum wage. This is tantamount to saying that everyone earns and I lose. In this way, of course, someone would like to follow him, so the pirate team was soon formed.

    Went to the market and was fired

    The first few robberies were both successful and negative. After the General Ledger was calculated, the cost-benefit was barely even, and the looted property was just enough to repair the damaged"revenge". Considering that Bonet himself was injured, it would be a loss of capital. Although captain Bonet's main goal in life is to take risks rather than make money, it is not a glorious thing for the pirate Gang to become a non-profit organization when the robbers actually lost money.

    The bad failure made the members of the revenge no longer tolerate the incompetent gentleman pirate captain. They voted collectively and decided to choose another captain. The pirate gang of bonay, who was voted out by the crew, finally decided to join the team of"Blackbeard", and bonay himself could only stroll on the deck in his pajamas and no longer have command.

    Marriage is a grave, which is confirmed by Bonet

    In 1718, Bonet became a pirate for only more than a year. Bonet was captured and executed. A pirate who is called"gentleman pirate"often seems to be a passer-by on the sea. He has not participated in too many maritime hegemony, but he has an intersection with the famous pirate"Blackbeard", so he has left his own name in history. I don't know"Blackbeard". There are many pirates of the Caribbean movies.

    <the story of"gentleman pirate"bonet is over. in addition to lamenting that boring marriage can make a rich second generation go to the road of no return to being a caribbean pirate, there are still these things worth thinking about.

    1, what will happen if you are arrested. Will they be exempted from punishment because their motives are reasonable or not?

    2. It's really bad for laymen to lead professionals in industries with particularly high technical requirements. What industry can laymen lead professionals? Are there any amateur leaders and experts in animation? It's hard to find an animation that is smarter than a fool's leadership. Dongling hasn't really seen it in the animation. Looking forward to one, it must be fun. If you have seen it, please let us know.

    3. In the previous inventory of well-known thieves in animation, it was concluded that if you have no desire, you will be just. The premise is that you have the ability to do something. Without this ability, you can't just get up without desire. Take a look at the protagonists of this article. Thank you for your comments.

    Nagging at the end: most of this article's introduction to Stede bonnet comes from Guge Gudian. Welcome to pay attention.

    He is also a pirate of the Caribbean. His family has a lot of fertile land, but he is on the road of no return



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