How to review animation”Tanaka-kun is Always Listless”, lazy to the extreme is also a model?

    Recommend an old fan"Tanaka-kun is Always Listless", although the protagonist three views are not right, or he is lazy without three views, is not worth following, but this does not prevent it from becoming a qualified comic to animation. At least when I watch it, I won't be sleepy. I can finish it happily without adjusting the progress bar. The rhythm of the plot is not bad. It is relaxed and interesting. The painting style of the whole animation is very light tone. Occasionally, some beautiful scenery pictures will be produced (such as the scenery of running water under the sunset in the ninth sentence). With the slow BGM, it feels good to ease. Entertainment embellishment is warm, lazy and a little active. It's really comfortable to see it

    Tanaka Jun's lazy style

    The whole film reflects that Tanaka Jun is really lazy, pure lazy, lazy away from the purpose, a lazy style. People have fans and disciples in the film.

    It is commented that Tanaka Jun's laziness is not the kind of waste wood laziness like a pool of mud, nor some"arrogant laziness"who claim to be"energy-saving"but run around. He is really lazy. He doesn't care about the things around him. If he can do less, he can do less. That's probably what it means. For example: if a person doesn't do housework, cook, work or study, you can say he is lazy, but he loves traveling and going to nightclubs. That's not pure laziness.

    List a few sincere words from Mr. Tanaka and feel his pure laziness

    No matter what you compare, I have the confidence to defeat.

    In that case, don't refuse paralysis and pain. It's not better to coexist with them. The most important thing is not physical strength, but the spirit of not caring and not wavering.

    In terms of personality, I can't be angry at all. Being angry will consume energy and be very tired. Therefore, no matter what is wronged or wronged, I can apologize directly.

    I hate the sight, don't want to be stared at, try to keep the state of not being looked at, and want to live quietly.

    Even if there is nothing to do now, there will be a solution sooner or later in front of a long life.

    If I can, my ideal is to live in a world with a radius of 85 cm.

    I want to exercise my physical strength and muscles, cultivate a body that will not be numb and painful no matter how lazy. In order to be lazy without worry, I need to cheer up.

    Because the probability of precipitation is 80%, my sister said she needed to bring an umbrella. Although I brought an umbrella, I don't have to open it specially. When I first went out of the house, I didn't get much. But after that, I can hold it again, I can hold it again. When I came back, I was already in the heavy rain.

    Friends who have paid attention to the headlines of Dongling spectators may find that the animation I recommend is basically old. Why. Because I'm also lazy. I won't chase hot spots one by one in order to catch up with fashion. I'm lazy. Generally, I cache it at one time and watch it slowly.

    Friends who have paid attention to Dongling spectator headlines may also find that I'm used to hanging sheep's head and selling dog meat. Although I'm talking about animation, I always have to mix something else. Yes, the others are coming.

    Seeing Tanaka Jun's pure laziness, I think of a word"insensitive force".

    Sudden sensation, which means the ability not to be too sensitive to surrounding affairs."Insensitivity"is not equal to dullness. It emphasizes an endurance to difficulties and the ability to brazen against the outside world. It is still a positive attitude towards life (this positive clause is different from Tanaka). It seems that this word first appeared in the collection of essays by the famous writer Junichi Watanabe. In this work, Junichi Watanabe warned that modern people are too sensitive but easy to get hurt, so they should cultivate"insensitive power"(dull ability). The book was used by former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to advise Abe's cabinet, which triggered a warm pursuit of the Japanese people. In his book, Junichi Watanabe wrote that"insensitivity"is relatively sensitive. Due to the accelerated pace of life, modern people are often vulnerable to injury if they are too sensitive. Although insensitivity gives people a dull and dull negative impression, it can make people not worry and discouraged at any time. Insensitivity is just like a power not to hurt themselves. There must be a wonderful insensitivity hidden in the heart of those who succeed in their own world. (this successful person is talking about Li Yapeng's version of Guo Jing?)

    Insensitivity, which is not a scientific term, has many explanations. It's an unspeakable word. The general meaning is as written in the encyclopedia above. With"Tanaka-kun is Always Listless"this animation to see it can deepen understanding.

    In the last sentence, Tanaka said:

    Life is short, have fun in time, accept failure appropriately, and don't force yourself too tight.This may be Mr. Tanaka's way of happiness. It's so thick chicken soup for the soul. I think it's the same thing as living in the moment. See the chicken soup for the soul in Sword Art Online.


    1. One thing to emphasize is that we should be positive. Yes, we should be positive. Tanaka's laziness is the core,"we don't love labor and don't study. We don't learn it".

    2. Watching animation has a long knowledge. After reading this animation, you can show off this insensitive force.

    3. PleaseComment and pay attention toBefore being lazy under the influence of Mr. Tanaka. Now be positive and lazy after closing the page.

    How to review animation”Tanaka-kun is Always Listless”, lazy to the extreme is also a model?



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