Let alphago fight against satowi Fujiwara. Who can play chess better? Can you show one of God’s hands

    When ghosts encounter artificial intelligence, whose persistence is stronger?

    The man-machine war is hot again these days. It seems that go masters will be swept away by alphago (it is said that Ke Jie has lost two consecutive games). However, don't worry about the decline of go. Like chess, new methods of man-machine joint war will evolve. I really can't. change the rules and let the children stick to the eyes, or have a chance to connect two children to increase uncertainty.

    A lot of onlookers from Dongling, who are filled with news of these man-machine wars, suddenly think of an old go animation"Hikaru's Go". There is a chess madman, Satoshi Fujiwara (once attached to benyinfang xiuce, who is still known as the strongest chess player), who is an expert among the experts.

    What would happen if he came to PK Google's alphago.

    Neither a robot (Artificial Intelligence) nor a human (he is a soul) is limited by physical strength. It's interesting to think about their PK. Alphago has accumulated chess scores and changes at an unimaginable speed. Zuo Wei has a first mover advantage and has not learned well in history. It is unknown how many years of chess data he has accumulated. In short, both are peerless experts fed by big data, and their combat power should be equal. Dongling spectator, a layman who doesn't know go, thought of the following possibilities.

    The first possibility, of course, is the complete defeat of Zuo Wei, but he also fulfilled his long cherished wish to play chess with alphago, which integrates human wisdom. Maybe he can still play one of the gods he pursues. The pursuit of others is different. The reason for the complete defeat is similar to Ke Jie and Li Shishi, that is, poor strength.

    The second possibility is that they are equal in strength and win or lose each other. When playing chess with the ancients, we should play according to the rules of the ancients and the ancient go rules. The constraints of alphago change, and the judgment criteria need to be adjusted temporarily. The data is insufficient.

    The third possibility is the great victory of Zuo Wei. Is there any possibility? Yes. What are the production conditions? Zoe is a hacker. What can't a soul do? He can turn himself into alphago.

    What spectators want to talk about most is the second possibility. Spectators hope this is the end. It seems that the rules of go are constantly improving, striving for balance and simplicity, such as the eye-catching system. I read the news a few days ago that alphago doesn't know chess etiquette when playing chess. It can be inferred from this and some restrictions may affect alphago. I don't know how much it can affect. However, rules affect behavior, which is certain. The best place for human beings to play games is to create new rules, and then see who can adapt faster and have more magical learning ability. Students playing online games may be easier to understand this. Ancient Chinese go, it can be constantly improved to adapt to the new situation (the same is true). The pursuit of endless change of hope, this is Hikaru's Go, wonderful change, that is one of the hands of God.

    Nonsense at the end

    The spectators don't understand Weiqi. This article is just for fun. The change of weiqi rules is only based on feeling and guess, recalling the old version of"Hikaru's Go". Those interested in artificial intelligence can pay attention to the headlines of spectators, and there are also old animation related to it.

    Chess ceremony: the first hand of black chess should be in the upper right corner. This etiquette comes from Japan. If the first hand of black chess occupies the corner, it should be placed in the upper right corner and leave the upper left corner closest to the other party's right hand to show respect for the other party.

    As you can see here, spectators should give useful benefits. The key point of this article is"change and improvement". Moreover, chess reminds you to see the change and improvement of traditional Chinese medicine. As a discipline, if you can't see its change and improvement, its future is worrying. Whether you believe in traditional Chinese medicine is a matter.

    Let alphago fight against satowi Fujiwara. Who can play chess better? Can you show one of God’s hands



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