Enhance the added value, the secret of animation”Bartender”

    Bartender Bartender this is a very interesting animation. Although the content is nothing more than encouraging everyone to continue their efforts regardless of demotion or bottleneck. All kinds of decompression chicken soup. But this one is very chic.

    First of all, he doesn't have competitive elements and doesn't take the route of chef competition. I was almost hurt by experience and missed this good film"It's wrong to speculate its content at the first sight of the name.”。 Only light special effects, there is no The best in Chinese that exaggerated special effects.

    Secondly, this film doesn't even have a protagonist. The most talkative is the narrator. Even I like the narrator better than the protagonist. Its protagonist is a cocktail, bred by the earth, raised by time, and then mixed with cocktails of various human stories. It's not too much to regard it as a popular film of wine culture.

    Quote the review on a piece of Douban

    If the animation is embodied as Eden Hall, then BGM is a slow but not sluggish narrative rhythm, just like the gentle JAZZ style. It is full of mixed mirrors, just in line with the characteristics of cocktail. And its Bartender is the narrator. The narrator runs through this work, rings at the beginning of the legend of each cup of wine, and the lingering rhyme at the end. Casual with the smell of alcohol is the intoxicating part of a smile that is not a special gentleman. When preparing frozen Daiquiri, the soft male voice with nasal and slight vibrato began to recite the old man and the sea, and quietly unfolded towards the wrinkled blue and purple silk sea

    It is said that"Bartender"is based on a famous bar in Ginza, so I guess that in every word ed, the one who demonstrates Cinderella demonstrates Frozen Daiquiri demonstrates Grass Gopper Bartender must be modest, elegant and erudite.

    SA ~ leave your identity outside the heavy gate and abide by the ten commandments of the bar. Please prepare a drink suitable for me tonight. That's the same sentence. Those who haven't seen this film collect it first. Then let's look at how to improve personal added value.

    After watching the film, you will find that Japanese bars are really expensive (as if in the second word), but why do so many guests patronize? Because, a very professional Bartender is not only a Bartender, he is also a psychologist. This is not the unique skill of Mr. sasakura, the protagonist in the film. His predecessors are masters who are proficient in this way, as if before and after the seventh sentence.

    The craftsmanship of Bartender is professional skill, and the outstanding one is the added value of psychotherapy.

    Similar examples are common in life. Manicurists and mages. I found that those masters who can especially talk often have a fixed source of customers, and the charge is much higher than the average market price. They also sell a lot of nursing products by the way. I forgot which gentleman said it was"spiritual capture". Let go of goodwill. After all, it's voluntary and fair. People can provide value beyond the service itself, and those values will be realized in other forms.

    There are similar statements in various marketing courses, but it refers to products. For example, Haidilao sells care, and the cultural identity of luxury jewelry. In short, in addition to what it should have, whoever provides more will get more. Looking at my humble article, I mainly recommend good-looking and nutritious old people. I also provide some chicken soup or knowledge, which is also an added value.

    I didn't understand this stuff very well before. I read this"Bartender"a few days ago and it suddenly became profound.

    If you work hard in the workplace, you should try to improve your added value. Of course, the premise is that your job is good enough.

    What about the students at school?

    What is the added value while harvesting knowledge? Friendship, happiness, all kinds of success and failure experience, take part in more club activities. Look at all kinds of clubs in other people's campus animation (there are many other people except sports clubs). I really feel that my campus life is"nothing to say"and I'm so sorry. If my parents can recommend me some good old people and let me realize that the campus can live like this, I don't think I will come to this code to express my feelings now.

    Originally, in addition to the animated version and the live version of


    Mentioned the added value of the school. In addition to providing knowledge, it also provides an external environment for learning, a set of constraint methods, registration, payment, sitting in the classroom on time and not moving around. It's shameful to compare scores and rank. All kinds of"heteronomy"So that those who are not strong enough in self-discipline can complete their learning. So, let alone schools, even school district houses are sold for added value.


    1. Bartender is a good film, which is worth watching.

    2. Bartender, who only knows how to mix wine, can not understand the wine culture and can mix wine, but can not do the soul catcher type Bartender, who can also"talk".

    3, not only in Bartender, but also in other posts. It is important to improve the added value.

    4. Don't just read it and collect it. Leave a footprint, comment and pay attention to it to provide added value.

    This article only talks about"Bartender"from the perspective of added value, and the next one will continue to talk about this good animation.

    Enhance the added value, the secret of animation”Bartender”



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