When we talk about BLEACH, the villains will die even if they have various reasons. If they don’t click, the consequences will be very serious

    The animation accompanied by children, a lot of post-90s children should catch up with"BLEACH", a lot of translated names of this animation, BLEACH, floating spirit, environment and boundary. This animation is also very long. It is a"companion"animation.

    The two generations of heiqi Yihu, the God in the present world, met Rukia, the female master who was passing through the border. It turned out that Rukia was the BLEACH from a different world (corpse and soul world). Because of the injury, Rukia couldn't fight, so she gave part of her spiritual power to heiqi Yihu. As a result, the two generations of the God in heiqi Yihu were the two generations of the God Because he was activated, he fought with other strange world monster"virtual", his spiritual power became stronger and stronger, and he started his own God two generation root seeking journey.

    There are many schools and groups in this world, such as the world of the dead, the world of the soul, the world of the empty and the world of the broken. Many stories of struggle have been cross combined. Naturally, the final winner must be the leading role halo group represented by heizaki Ichigo, which is a very standard hot-blooded animation.

    It is not for nostalgia to talk about the old animation"BLEACH"now. Let's talk about those dead"villains"first. There are many villains in

    BLEACH who impressed donglingjun deeply. The handsome and powerful lanran Yusuke, the skeleton emperor who was taken away from the throne by lanran, ulchiola Xifa who had a lot of emotional communication with Inoue Zhiji, and the materialized soul chopping knife. Many villains have their own reasons for survival and rebellion. For good reasons, they have become sad losers, for general reasons, they have become losers who die at ease, and for no reason, they have become living and damn Dragon Emperor. Anyway, when I saw BLEACH as a child, I felt very entangled in my heart and felt that many villains in this animation were very poor.

    Now think again from the standpoint of Xiaobian. No matter what the reason, these villains die unjustly, and their failure is inevitable. For all the reasons, you should go or you should go. Whether it's kubao or the bartender who doesn't bring anyone to write, the villains are bound to fail. Against the protagonist representing justice, he will either be assimilated or fail. If you don't write like this, the work will fail and be snapped off. This reason is not explained much.

    When talking about this, it is estimated that a little partner will spit out:"is Sabah talking nonsense? Who doesn't know about it?". Let's continue. There is a word called"survivor deviation". It's a little interesting to introduce this concept.

    Survivor bias means that you can only see the results after some screening, but are not aware of the screening process, so you ignore the key information screened out. The classic case on the encyclopedia is like this.

    During World War II, it was found that among the surviving bombers, many were shot in the wing, but few in the fuselage. So people think we should strengthen the wings of the aircraft. In fact, it's because the aircraft can fly back after being shot in the wing. Therefore, the aircraft's return is not affected by being shot in the wing; while the aircraft's return is not affected by being shot in the fuselage less, which shows that the impact of bullets hitting the fuselage is greater, resulting in the aircraft's failure to return.

    Another example of such common fallacies is that successful entrepreneurs have published books to introduce their successful methods. In fact, other people who have done the same thing as the author of the book have also failed. We will mistakenly think that the methods introduced in the book are the way to success.

    The animation works, even film and television literary works that we can see are survivors in a sense. All the stories told there have to be marked with a question mark. The scientific circle's way to deal with survivor bias is very simple, that is, let the"dead"speak, do some double-blind experimental design, and so on. But this method can't be used in other circles. In the circle where there is no way to do experiments, in order to overcome this deviation, the encyclopedia uses a word called"hearing both is bright". To put it bluntly, in addition to listening to those who love to talk, we should also find channels and listen to what people who don't chat with us are talking about.It is also necessary to know what the hidden dead are doing.

    Above, we talked about the animation BLEACH. Many villains in it were very sad and urged, but they all died in the end. It is inevitable that Kurosaki Ichigo will hang up and the villains will hang up. If the work wants to survive, it must be arranged in this way, or the work will be snapped off. This can be seen in combination with the old article"Wukong wants to beat the boss a little better than him every time. This is not the arrangement taken for granted by Niaoshan Ming". The surviving works are good, but there will be a problem of"survivor deviation".

    Know that there is such a thing, and then put a question mark on the story told by the"living man", the inner realm and boundary will be expanded, so we will not tangle with the tragic villains who hang up in the story. Maybe in a dead version, they will have another destination. After watching the film, you can practice your own viewing skills with multiple versions. It's also a kind of self-improvement. The cowhide is shaking. Thanks for reading. If you want to collect more, please also pay attention to Dongling chat animation.

    Routine benefits: what is the viewing skill with multiple versions? There is a good example in the third season of Sword Art Online. If the supreme priest told everyone the back door of management, what would such a version look like? Let's start with a fun question. In the next part, we'll continue to talk. Please pay attention.

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    When we talk about BLEACH, the villains will die even if they have various reasons. If they don’t click, the consequences will be very serious



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