Negative is positive. In animation, it’s important to talk to who and how to love

    Can love cure mental illness? This is a funny problem found at the end of this animation, and Rong Dongling Jun said it slowly.

    The literary style of"Iroduku: The World in Colors"was successfully completed. There was no"Emerald"in the legend, and the grandfather paradox was successfully avoided. A very Japanese Japanese animation, full of emotional adduction, occasionally released a little, suitable for the sultry group to watch, acute son will really worry for the protagonists.

    Simply summarize this story: because of the loss of her mother in childhood (her mother is missing), the female master Yuebai Tongmei has had a psychological shadow since childhood (mild autism) and has become color blind. Grandma moon white amber magically sent her back 60 years ago. There, Tong Mei met the male owner Kui Weixiang. The male owner also had psychological problems. He wanted to be a painter. He was confused and lost when he met the creative bottleneck. God arranged that they would have a chemical reaction when they met, and the story began one after another. Finally, Tong Mei wants to go back to 60 years later. At the moment of parting, they confess to each other and thank each other for saving themselves from the mire of self closure. Kui Weixiang regains her confidence in painting. Tong Mei understands that she can also become happy. She can see the color again.

    Two teenagers suffering from negative emotions save each other.It's appropriate to borrow a formula"negative is positive". There are many such character combinations, just give a few examples.

    "My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected", young people who are used to carrying pot and having sex and twisting eight banners are not suitable for groups. If they are arranged into the"service agency", the snow among the most beautiful young girls in the whole school also has character defects. The two problem teenagers came together. They sparked love. As a result, they slowly healed each other and had their own sunshine circle of friends.

    "Relife returns to seventeen years old", Haiqi Xintai, who was frustrated in the workplace, met with the staff of the Institute of rebirth. He was invited to participate in the rebirth plan. After taking the medicine, he turned back to his appearance of 17 years old and returned to high school life. At school, she met the female Sunday generation Qianhe, the first-class student in the grade, who was also the subject of the 17-year-old experiment. The original statue of Japanese Qianhe is a young man who gives up the problem of communication with others. When she was young, she kept moving and transferring schools, which made her unable to adapt. She even forgot how to face the crowd. The two people also reacted. Whether they really healed was not told in the story. What we can see is that they finally have the courage to face social life.

    "March Comes in Like a Lion"and"Your lie in April"also use this mode locally.

    In March, the professional general chess master Tongshan zero was very closed. He also encountered a bottleneck. When he was involved in helping Sichuan today resist campus bullying, he completely changed. He found the meaning of playing chess or living [the troubled day was saved].

    In mid April, Gong Yuanxun, who was about to finish his short life, saved Mr. Ma who gave up the piano with a string of lies. Driven by the sunshine girl, Ma Gongsheng returned to the piano field with psychological problems. Gong Yuanxun's wish has been fulfilled and left with hope.

    Above, God seems to like this way to save problem teenagers and let them have a"love"with the opposite sex who is also in trouble, and everything seems to be better. While lamenting that love is really great, donglingjun wants to think about this problem.The way to save the problem boy is to make friends with another problem boy.It seems that they are more likely to call each other and open their hearts to each other to achieve a negative positive effect. Whether there is any scientific theory to support it, and what is the Tao? Wait until donglingjun learns it, and then share it later. Maybe it's all coincidence.

    Routine welfare: another little secret. If you watch too much animation, you will find that owning a cat can greatly improve the cure rate. Remember to pay attention and praise. This is Dongling chat animation. See you next time.

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    Negative is positive. In animation, it’s important to talk to who and how to love



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