The essence of those informal wonderful student associations in animation is to empower themselves

    Service department, neighborhood department, SOS group, such wonderful societies, old manyou will know something. If you don't know, you can make up for it.

    Service department (service agency), from My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected. Those who have give it to those who lack it with compassion. People call it volunteers. It is the Ministry's activity to help people in need. Note that this is not a charity organization organized spontaneously. It is not a spoiler.

    Neighborhood department,"I Have Few Friends"(many of my harem) and its derivative works are an overhead informal student community. It is said that the night sky originally just wanted to establish this community to stay with the eagles and increase the time with the eagles. Who knows, later, the members of the community ran out of a Lori community consultant, sister Gao Shan Maria, and the neighborhood Department became more noisy.

    SOS group is a well-known community. The community established by the head of the animation"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya", SOS refers to"the Haruhi Suzumiya group that makes the world more lively", referred to as"SOS group". The unusual thing about this community is that it has no clear purpose. It appears entirely according to the personal preferences of spring. It is a group established to find interesting things. Its purpose is to"find aliens, future people and superpowers to play together".

    These three societies are informal student societies. The prefix informal is worth pondering. Some say they look like literary societies, and some simply incorporate literary societies (are literary societies really declining?). Let's see what serious societies are like

    Digress and return. At first, I only thought that these associations served for the development of the plot. Find a reason to let the men and women stay together to produce stories. They belong to an inexplicable wonderful community. And then? Two days ago, I listened to Dongwu Fu Neng new retail and learned the word"Fu Neng". I have a new feeling.

    Empowerment: as the name suggests, it is to give someone or a subject some ability and energy. Once upon a time, there was a cartoon: I'm Shirley. Please give me strength. This is a request for empowerment.

    Enabling new retail: Generally speaking, the retail industry is being enabled. The so-called AI, big data and cloud in the ABC era have endowed the ability of data storage, mining and intelligent decision-making. The new capability enables the traditional retail industry to understand customers from a new dimension. Customers become meat on the chopping board and comfortably enjoy more"intimate"services.

    Look at these wonderful societies. Aren't the league members also empowered? Empower yourself.

    Through the community, members of the neighborhood department give themselves the ability to stay with someone.

    In the service department, the men and women who wanted to do good deeds were better than Qigu Bafan and Xuezhi xuenai. Due to the problems of"face"and"personality", they were endowed with the ability to break the mental barrier by the mission of the society.

    SOS regiment, the head of the regiment, Haruhi Suzumiya, endowed himself with various powers, such as aliens, future people, super capable people, ha ha, some abnormal powers.

    Summary:Most of the non mainstream wonderful associations in animation are associations where League members are empowering themselves, and what they lack is to make up for. If you want to do something, you can do it for yourself. Youth doesn't wait.

    Please consciously comment, collect and pay attention to the above club members. Am I also empowering myself and giving myself the ability to talk about animation other than watching animation.

    Empower yourself, acquire ability and possess ability. This is the primary ability. The more advanced is to empower others and make the surrounding and even the world a little better because of you. Adults of Haruhi Suzumiya are more popular than those leading roles of other communities, which seems to be in line with this meaning.

    The essence of those informal wonderful student associations in animation is to empower themselves



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