review the soul chicken soup in Sword Art Online

    There is a question mentioned in the previous biography associated with the last"Sword Art Online". If one day the sneaking era comes unstoppable, how to deal with many people who are"squeezed"into the virtual world? In fact, all kinds of people in Sword Art Online have given us the answer.

    First quote:To get what you want, the best way is to make yourself worthy of it-- Charlie Munger

    Goal:"to get what you want"

    For different goals, the characters in Sword Art Online start their own choices from the starting city.

    Tong Renjun: I want to be stronger and attack the world. Later, I added the players who liberated the game world. With the increase of stories, there are more and more goals."The journey ahead is so far away, but the light I can see is so rare, even so - I still haven't completely given up hope. Happy - Tongren

    KLEIN: take the members of"Fenglin volcano"of our guild together.

    Their goals are different, and their paths are also different. In the starting city, the person who claims to be the Sao game designer"Mao Chang Jingyan"said:"if you can't complete the strategy, you can't leave the game. The only way to leave the world is to overthrow the leader on the 100th floor of"Ian grunt"- to achieve a"complete strategy". After that, one became a solo player, and one gave up the opportunity to seize the opportunity to wait for his teammates to move forward together.

    It's better to keep your own existence at the last moment than to hide in the street of the beginning and decay slowly. Even if I die at the hands of monsters, I don't want to admit defeat to this game and the world Not at all! ——Yasina's

    Method:"the best way is to make yourself worthy of it"

    Improve the matching degree between yourself and external goals: those who only watch animation may think that Tong people and many animation heroes rely on their father's deep background to kill the four sides. In fact, some of the animation of Tong Renjun's crazy level training are not given enough scenes, and the original novel is richly depicted. Tong Ren doesn't spend all day in the sun waiting to meet a beautiful woman. He has been working hard to achieve his goal. When others sleep, they are still upgrading and upgrading. Internal cultivation and constantly matching yourself with your goals do not rely on good luck.

    Condition: what if you don't deserve it? There is also an old saying called"a man has self-knowledge". It's good to change goals.

    I've worked hard, but I don't have enough talent. Then learn from your harem sisters, such as"Liz bate", do what you like and can do well, and be a craftsman. And the fishing Grandpa, who sincerely wants to be a good audience, cheers the people who deserve it,"life is like this, you can't give up, you can't give up easily.""Grandpa fishing."People can't work hard on things they don't like."- celika, the mascot of the team, the mascot among the mascots, I always think this is for"Xing".

    Make a good summary and self hint: give yourself a bright reason and make a great wish.

    Find a good reason, comfort yourself or improve after summing up experience. Even a loser on the way to the goal can fall down beautifully. Look at"Xing". I don't have much time to appear, and I can only appear in the way of memory in the future, but I remember her deeply. She is the best among those cannon fodder. With so many people in the black cat regiment, the way the head left the world was tragic enough, but I didn't remember his name.

    "But I just hate going out to fight. If you keep fighting with this mood, you will die one day. This is not caused by anyone, it's my own problem.""well In fact, what I want to say is that even if I die, Tongren will try to live. Live and look at the world until the end, please help me find out the meaning of creating the world, the meaning of cowards like me coming to the world, and the meaning of meeting you. This is my wish."- Xing. Note 3

    "I've always I've been thinking. I was born to face death What is the meaning of being in this world There is no way to create anything in this world, and there is no way to help others Can only waste countless drugs and machinery It will only cause trouble to the people around you I am also very upset and painful If you want to disappear in the end Then let me disappear immediately I've had this idea several times I always feel Why should I be born into this world"

    "but But I feel like I've finally found the answer Even if It's meaningless and it doesn't matter As long as you live That's enough Because At the last moment I can feel So full There are so many people Around me Can you lie In the arms of the person you like most Welcome to the end of the journey"- decomposition of the disciplined

    Method: what can I do to make myself worthy of it?

    In addition to trying to brush monsters, with the development of the plot, some are also reflected in the words of Tongren.

    KnowledgeIt is essential to put it anywhere. In Sao, it is called intelligence. The knowledge reserve should be matched. Study hard and make progress every day. Tongren also have serious learning in the real world.

    Create sufficientExternal conditions. Buy equipment to be willing to spend money, the investment should be invested, and spend the limited money on the most rewarding place. In the goblin dance, people are willing to spend all their money, and the hardware conditions should be worthy. Give full play to his talent. This is not discussed. Look at the above. He didn't use a shield before the second Sabre flow skill appeared. He had to praise that the opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared.

    Of course, the most important thing here isEQ,EQ should be worthy of it. Some people call this realm.

    How high is male number one? Start with the dialogue

    "neither I nor anyone else exists for death, but to live.

    It's better to believe and then regret than to regret why you doubt people.

    Anyway, it's a game. I've seen many people say this. On the one hand, it's a fact. I thought so before, but it's not like this. It's just because it's an imaginary world that there are things that must be protected. Someone who is very important to me has taught me this. In this world, if you let your desires dominate you, the price will be returned to the real personality. Players and characters are one. I like Lifa very much and want to be friends with you. SRC - Tongren

    "I thought about the same thing at the beginning. Every night I cry alone. I feel that every day I spend in this world, my reality is gradually getting worse. After crying for some time, I began to devote myself to fighting, winning and moving forward. In short, I only thought about how to become stronger. At that time, I saw someone taking a nap on the lawn of the square, so I was very angry and told him not to waste time like this. But he said to me that today is the best season and the best weather setting for Ian grunt. It's a pity to go into the maze on such a day. So I also tried to lie next to me and fell asleep. When I woke up, it was evening, and the man had a helpless expression on his face. However, when I formed a team with him like this, I noticed that he lived seriously in this world, not thinking of losing a day in the real world, but accumulating a day here. It was this Tong Renjun who taught me this."- Athena

    Yasina said that Tong people live seriously in this world. It reminds me of an explanation of the famous saying:"the future is not welcome, it is not miscellaneous at that time, and it is not love", really live in the present, focus on the thing itself when doing things, do not worry about the uncertainty of the future, do not immerse in the pain of the past, and do not be hampered by the current external environment. Do what you should do according to your will at the moment , that's enough.

    Think about it carefully. At the beginning, Tong people brush alone. When they reach a certain bottleneck period, they turn to team brush. Ambitious goal, towards this goal, constantly change and adapt. Isn't this very consistent with master Zeng's guidance. How high is it to be able to settle so many harems one by one and live in harmony. As an example, the protagonist in the A Certain Magical Index, when MA (I can't remember what his name was if I didn't translate Baidu), a bad person, is also numerous in the harem. As a result, the publicity was snatched by Misaka Mikoto.

    In the goblin dance, in order to save Athena, Tong people return to the game world. Why not call the police directly? Can you tell your parents? He knows that he can't do it in the real world. Only in the virtual world with a glimmer of hope can we give full play to our strengths. Good decision. In the beginning City, I felt this way about Klein. It's really a good decision.

    Finally, of course, there should be some good teammates, one hero and three gangs

    No matter how good EQ and ability are, they are bound to make mistakes. When they make mistakes and lose, someone comes out to comfort and help, which is necessary for physical and mental health and maintaining combat vitality. It's nice to have a brother and sister. No wonder they all say that they have two children. Those who are capable should try their best to have them.

    Let's stop here first. The soup is thick enough. In fact, the protagonists in"Sword Art Online"have more soup to squeeze out. For example, why there are teammates in the real world, and the comprehensive ability of SAO world is not strong. The function of tying clothes, wait. It's also good to take this novel as a guide to the survival of the virtual world. Every character can think about it.


    1. After reading a lot of comments, I think the author is trying to"make the work worthy of it". After all, this is a light novel.It is OK to be worthy of light novel. It is too grand. The author himself says that the ability is insufficient."Know yourself", eh? What's chicken soup again?

    2,"Xing"tells us that it is necessary to leave some last words during our lifetime. Leave what needs to be said or is inconvenient to say at the moment. It will happen outside the province. No one else knows how to log in to your account. It will be cheaper for those platform operators. This is not chicken soup. It's realistic.

    review the soul chicken soup in Sword Art Online



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