Anime brief review of”How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno”, some people once missed not in

    It's hard for such men to express their worries first

    Spring is coming, and it's mating season again. With the advent of the wet season, heavy rain poured down on the dry earth, and everything began to agitate. This is not the animal world. This is Dongling chat animation. Several animations under the banner of love in January fan are coming to an end. The date Battle 3 has not been pursued and will not be discussed for a while. The size of Huiye wants me to confess that my hegemony has been established. This article talks about another tepid and funny love series"How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno".

    "How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno"is really difficult to talk about, but it can only be understood that it can not be said, because this is a lot of stains, so it is not suitable for children to lift their skirts when they can not move. Since it's not easy to talk alone, we'll reduce the concentration and talk about it together with"the size of the bright night wants me to tell". We can gain a little by talking only about the characters without talking about the plot.

    The science department of"How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno"VS"the size of the bright night wants me to tell"the students will gather enough three students to play a play. Next, we will look forward to the two leading roles.

    The high-profile reserved and"cruel"female owner

    Ueno: Minister of the Ministry of science, female student of grade 3 in middle school, inventor of Madman and strong practical ability. He likes Tanaka and often lures Tanaka to do some abnormal behavior in the name of scientific research. Ueno's purpose is very simple. She hopes Tanaka can find her good through these behaviors. From then on, she is enlightened, has a spring heart, confesses to her and worships under her pomegranate skirt."Ruthless"and reserved, although she always takes the initiative to launch a love offensive against Tanaka, her moves are vicious, but she just doesn't express herself directly, and she often turns red in the face.

    Sigong Huiye: Vice President of the student union, female student of class A for two years, excellent in both literature and martial arts, a famous family, Bai Fumei, and strong practical ability. He was fond of silver royal line, and was"cruel"and reserved. He often lured silver to confess to her in various names. They thought it was a love war. The first party to express their feelings was very shameless. As a result, the first season was almost over, and they didn't decide the outcome.

    The man who doesn't know how to pity

    Tanaka: member of the Department of science, male student of grade 2 in middle school. A wooden man with a dull sense different from ordinary people. Although he is dull, he is not stupid and often shows the attribute of poisonous tongue. He was often arranged by Ueno to make gaffes, but he was not ashamed. He insisted on doing it seriously, but he achieved the counterattack effect. Ueno was ashamed of making the first move.

    PS: this wooden man can't help but think of another insensitive Da Shen, Tanaka-kun is Always Listless. They are all called Tanaka, which is a coincidence.

    Silver Royal Bank: President of the student union, male student of class B for two years, poor children and Xueba. The ranking of the whole school has always remained the first. Sports idiot, but the skill of cycling is still good. I like Huiye, but I also think that the party who expresses his love first has no face. Often have a"brain"contest with Huiye to see who can force the other party to confess first.

    PS: unlike the wooden man Tanaka, who has no shame at all and doesn't know why, silver belongs to a handsome man with excessive sensitivity. It's too important to face. Therefore, a good marriage is in front of him, but he insists on a love brain war.

    The two men don't know how to pity and cherish jade. I really don't understand what the two women like about them. Especially sister Ueno, did she choose Tanaka because she wanted to challenge the high difficulty and the limit of scientific research?

    Female No. 2 who can't assist and still follows the blind mixing

    Downhill: member of the Department of science and female student of grade 1 in middle school. I know Ueno likes Tanaka and helps Ueno, but what has she done? The more you help, the more you help.

    Chihuahua Fujiwara: Secretary of the student union, female student of class B for 2 years. The female No. 2, who competes with the guests and dominates, is stirring between Huiye and silver. So far, it is unclear whether she wants to assist or destroy. For fear that the student union will not be lively.

    The character disc is over. I remember a film called it's hard for house men and rotten women to fall in love. It's also appropriate to change the names of these two films: [I'm so bored! It's hard for such a man to confess first], subtitle [troubles of flower crazy elite girls].

    It's not easy to fall in love with a man like silver? That's not falling in love with Tanaka. Donglingjun thought that if Ueno chased silver, he would win it in a few episodes. The inventor of the Ministry of science has more initiative than Huiye. To make Kaguya-sama chase Tanaka, it is estimated that Huiye has been enraged for a long time. The key is why she likes Tanaka, which is very difficult to happen.

    How can Tanaka make miss Ueno like him? Besides the arrangement of the author, donglingjun really can't think of any other reason. Could it be that the girls engaged in invention and scientific research are different and like Tanaka's challenging boy. We don't know what's on the minds of the big cattle in the scientific research department. I suggest that Ueno go to chemical research (Chemical Research) or pharmaceutical research department (Pharmaceutical Research Department) to give full play to her talents. It will be easier to deal with idiot Tanaka. Why do you know.

    Ending welfare: learning English EAT, pulling these words, just want to Amway and record the funny"How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno". This article lacks a theme. Let's talk about some useful ideas.

    The story of two times is the story. Laughter goes back to laughter and music goes back to music. There is a lyrics that sings well:"later, I finally understand in tears that once some people miss it, they won't stop". After watching these two cartoons, the big men who still keep their heads down for their self-esteem should take a warning. Not all girls are the same as the two in the animation, so they can stand your tossing. We should know how to dare to pity and cherish jade. Once some people miss it, they will miss it for a lifetime. Come here, say so.

    Anime brief review of”How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno”, some people once missed not in



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