Animation review:”Run with the Wind”is the main force of leniency, how can there be no audience”love him”

    The sports series of long distance running theme"Run with the Wind"is over. I have talked about the characteristic and high level of this kind of intention before. In this article, we'll talk about one of the least brilliant male owners in this time. They are all devoted to participating in the post relay race walking competition. Why doesn't anyone"love him"?

    King /Yokohama Sakamoto: senior student of kuanzheng University, social college, resident of Room 202, zhuqingzhuang. In our words, fresh college graduates have no family background and poor grades. They have been worried about looking for a job and are the owner of"deep hatred". It seems that he has a good relationship with the child prodigy, because he always goes to the child prodigy to watch TV.

    Yohei sakuchi was one of the most difficult people to win over to the club to participate in long-distance running training at the beginning. He surrendered under the key persuasion of Qingse gray two, and he became a member of the long-distance running department. Like other runners, although the purpose of participating in long-distance running was not pure at the beginning, he gradually liked running. In Hakone relay competition, the stage of Yangping run is the eighth zone, the penultimate stick, which is arranged in front of the two top generals, male one and male two. The small owners who often watch animation know that"if you want to promote, suppress, ups and downs". No matter how arranged, our Yangping classmate will not be painted and fly.

    Sure enough, there were no waves in his run, no abuse like a child prodigy, and no happiness like twins. Running is not beautiful, but it is not as exaggerated as the prince. He ran as he commanded him. His memory was more like carrying a sedan chair for him. He talked about his strength and his"mediocrity". It was ash who brought him to this wonderful world and found his own sense of existence here.

    His inner world is like this:"bright and happy college life, I just look forward to the kind of life depicted on TV. So I chose there. However, the reality is very skinny. My college life is not brilliant at all. I'm about to graduate so mediocre. What's disappointing. That should be myself. Small belly, high gas. But I hope to be cared for by others. I hate myself. There are many contradictions. This person may be able to tolerate me. Such an idea makes me afraid. Because. He must not regard me as the most important friend. No matter where you go or who you are with, it seems that only I am redundant. Although I always smile, I never open my heart to others. Try not to let others see your weaknesses. It's the king. Don't come near me. It's always like this. No one wants to get close, but it's impossible to change yourself now."

    "however, it is different only when running. We can't lack anyone in this team. So you can really feel needed, put aside your concerns and self-esteem, and rely on each other. And always alone when running. Can liberate from all kinds of shackles and face yourself frankly. Only when I run, I don't need to play myself. Yes, I'm no one. No, but this is the real me. Grey two, grey two, Hakone post is no longer your dream. It's our dream.".

    In short, this person just doesn't have a sense of existence. He likes everyone in the barrage, and almost no one likes sakako Yangping in his impression. When it's his turn to run, there are bullets like"love him to death", but when it's Yokohama sakuchi's turn, there are"love gray two"and"me too"and"all the same", that is, no audience"love him to death". A man who doesn't have a sense of existence in and out of the play, why is he so miserable? Since they are shouting"me too", why doesn't anyone"love themselves"or"encourage themselves"?

    One reason is that in order to carry a sedan chair for ash Er, he was sacrificed by the author and had no sense of existence.

    Another reason is that Osaka Yohei is too real. His inner monologue is very"real", but it is very vague. It covers a wide range and can circle a large number of audiences. This makes the audience have no time to care about whether they like him or not. The audience are busy taking their seats and reflecting on themselves. Do you remember the Barnum effect talked about by Kaguya-sama? Another case of practical application of this effect has appeared in Run with the Wind. A large number of audiences can find their own shadow and similar description in the monologue of sakou Yangping.

    Once the audience's thought of taking the seat according to the number is dominant, they will focus on sending barrages such as"me too"and"all the same". After the barrage is sent, the emotional catharsis is is completed, whether sakako Yangping runs well or not, his heroic posture and so on will become irrelevant, and his personal efforts will be forgotten, because the audience are busy thinking about life.

    Donglingjun often encounters Yangping when he sends a document. A large group of readers focus on collecting, but the one-stop thing of paying attention, praising and sharing is forgotten. As a result, the amount of collections is always greater than the amount of likes and attention. Readers click on the collection, the task is over, but they forget to return to the top to praise and pay attention, which is very similar to the situation of Yangping. It's not easy to expect the audience to complete multiple tasks at the same time, unless it's really brilliant like gray two. Xiaobian doesn't have that level. Chatting about animation is just a way to relieve boredom and review some learned knowledge.

    Above, donglingjun analyzed why Yokohama sakuchi was not loved from the perspective of the audience. Next, Dongling puts some private goods and analyzes what problems his inner monologue reflects. What are the reasons why he is not liked?

    First of all, the self-evaluation was not high, there was no sense of existence, seeking the feeling of being needed (loved), running let oneself find the sense of existence. This part is reliable, as many people do. For example, in the movie dog 13, a little girl found a sense of existence by being dependent on her dog. However, how can he be needed? If he leaves the team, how can he regain his sense of existence and self-worth? Yangping still didn't understand this more basic problem.

    Secondly, he was passive in the whole process of participation. If gray two didn't pull him, he did feel this in his inner monologue, but his own attitude was"it's impossible to change himself up to now". He just found his dream and turned gray two's Hakone post into his dream. This dream is passively waiting to be obtained, and it is a dream that is about to end. Even dreams are waiting to come, given by others. While being moved by Yangping, Dongling Jun lies inexplicable sadness in the bottom of his heart.

    Yangping has never thought about doing anything"actively". Take the initiative to find the needs of others, take the initiative to care for others, take the initiative to love others, and take the initiative to assume more responsibilities. These grey two have the initiative that Yangping does not have. If you don't work actively, there must be a problem.

    Passive waiting and lack of initiative are the fundamental reasons why king is not liked. Take the initiative to give, take the initiative to pay, take the initiative to connect with others, actively expand their abilities, and embrace life with a positive attitude, rather than waiting passively in a seemingly positive attitude. I hope Yokohama sakuchi can change his life in the future.

    Routine welfare: it's easier to know than to do. Maybe Yangping has already understood it, but he didn't take action. The core of this article is to be proactive. Then donglingjun takes the initiative and asks the watchers to praise, forward and pay attention. If you look carefully, you should know that the three points are a little bit.

    Animation review:”Run with the Wind”is the main force of leniency, how can there be no audience”love him”



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