review the logical loopholes in”Plastic Memories”

    I have watched Plastic Memories over the past few days. As a tear jerking experience, this film is still excellent. I have a subjective feeling. This play is telling a story well, and the story is also very good. I don't want to say much about it. I suggest you have a look at this play if you haven't seen it.

    If viewed as hard science fiction, it is similar to what the group friends have summarized, slot points - there are many loopholes. This article intends to talk about these vulnerabilities from different angles.

    First clarify your point of view. Dongling I agree with these slot points very much. However, it is no blame to use"setting"to force sadness and serve for the plot of Plastic Memories. My works are my own decision, which is essentially the same as the animation that the protagonist opens and hangs when he is not moving.

    Dongling's headline is preceded by an adjective of"thinking". This time, it's a reversal and nonsense.

    If we want to defend these slot points and fill the pit, what reasons can we give.

    Vulnerability 1. Human life problem. Why can't data be transferred, network expansion and historical data deletion.

    This is a core setting. All the contents are carried out around this point. The giftia Android machine developed by Sai company has a continuous service life of only 81920 hours because of memory problems. After the service life, the brush machine can continue to be used when it is returned to the factory, but the previous user information will not be retained.

    Reason for pit filling: specify the service life of the equipment and use the hardware equipment with a specific life, which is to make money. How to continue charging if it is not used for life. As for various and data migration problems, they can be solved in one sentence, which is based on the consideration of product operation and maintenance cost. Cloud storage migration and so on all have the risk of data damage or leakage, and operation and maintenance compensation is money. I said for the author that returning to the factory is the most economical solution. Don't say I have money to buy better service? As an ordinary commodity for public sale, can you buy 1 million mobile phones?

    Vulnerability 2. The security problem of giftia is highly aggressive at the end of the service life of giftia. I can't understand the reason why

    Pit filling: can Cai Ming comment on this? The chaotic state of the robot Cai Ming in the sketch robot anecdotes is also highly aggressive. It's a joke. Have some dry goods.

    A psychotic is unsafe in society, not to mention a psychotic robot. The physical performance setting of the robot body needs to be higher than that of human beings. This does not need to be explained. Do you need a car that runs slower than you? Therefore, the high-strength setting of the body itself is not a problem, which is similar to the speed limit of electric vehicles. The problem is that he will become mentally ill.

    As for why it should be set that the robot will become psychotic at the end of its life, why not get an automatic termination switch? There's only one business reason. For the convenience of recycling. It's set to be so dangerous. There are still a lot of people who don't take the initiative to hand it in when it's due. If you just casually expire and automatically scrap it, how can you deal with those corpse fetishists and collectors, as well as illegal vendors who sell it to buy it at a high price. This can be seen from the current scrapped car dismantling market. It is said that regular dismantling enterprises can't receive cars, and black dismantling workshops have sufficient supplies. However, they often cause serious pollution. So, if you don't care about environmental protection, you can't understand this problem. Let the black workshop dismantle a Transformers and try it.

    Loophole 3. Mind, personality, cross species love, all kinds of heart abuse problems. It's better to leave this to philosophers to discuss. Dongling's personal point of view is that it is inevitable to generalize any characteristics separately.

    Conclusion: if you really want to fill in the hole for the animation"Plastic Memories", then simply do not use the perspective of hard technology to look at it, instead of the perspective of business (Sociology). The latter has higher plasticity, which makes sense. There are also many people who directly use conspiracy theory to explain the conspiracy. In the end, it is Qian's interest. I, a sentimental little animal, couldn't handle those wily guys, so I let them cheat away their tears. Sob

    End bullshit: looking at the Plastic Memories and still crying powder, are you sad for the departure of female owner Ella, or for the time that you slowly passed away? My Ella, she's gone forever. My memory, I don't remember anything.

    review the logical loopholes in”Plastic Memories”



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