Who is more powerful in artificial intelligence in animation

    When it comes to artificial intelligence, Google alphago (alpha dog), which has been popular in recent years, is going to fight alpha dogs at the end of May. Whether Ke Jie has played go or not, it is worth paying attention again.

    This time, Dongling viewers want to talk about artificial intelligence in animation works. They feel that they haven't produced a film with artificial intelligence as the protagonist for a long time. Turn out the old times.

    Let's see which AI is better?

    1, Astro Boy, birthplace of Adou Ki: Precision Machinery Bureau of the Ministry of science of Japan, birthday: 04 /07 /2003. Dr. Tianma lost his beloved son in a car accident. In order to alleviate the pain, Dr. Tianma created a robot Astro Boy according to his son's appearance. This little guy with 100000 horsepower and seven weapons has extraordinary skills. While fighting against various evil forces, he insists on building a friendly bridge between human beings and machines. This film has only heard of it, not seen it, so it is not review. However, Astro Boy is definitely the peak work in artificial intelligence (it's disrespectful to call the product. In order to show respect, it's called the work below)

    2."Future GPX Cyber Formula"Future GPX Cyber Formula, translated as"Thunderbolt"when it was introduced from Taiwan. There is an auxiliary driving system. It's not too much to say that he is an unmanned system. The system"Asurada"used by the protagonist Feng jianfalcon also has a"dream"and advanced. Many films on the future war theme of mecha also have auxiliary driving systems or urban management systems. The embodiment of artificial intelligence has its own advantages. However, I only remember this dreamy aslada, because it has personality, and this kind of auxiliary driving system is no longer science fiction. It is worth opening a new chapter in the future.

    Who is more powerful in artificial intelligence in animation

    3. For the knot clothes in Sword Art Online, the visitors chose this lovely little girl. Why? Because she was caused by a system bug. Yes, it's worth noting. It's a typical AI development problem. What if there is a bug in AI? A problem that can break your head.

    Who is more powerful in artificial intelligence in animation

    4. The reason for selecting the artificial people in DRAGON BALL is whether they are artificial intelligence or not? There is a brain inside the machine and a machine outside the brain. I really can't remember clearly. No matter what kind of non creature with biological system is, it can also be discussed.

    Who is more powerful in artificial intelligence in animation

    5. It turns out that artificial intelligence can still be like this. Here are the main points. What is Dongling's favorite artificial intelligence work? He is Doraemon in"the cat machine".I think this is the pinnacle of artificial intelligence.

    On September 3, 2112, it was born in Matsushita factory in Tokyo, Japan. On the mass production line of that day, it is No. 1 (second set) produced after No. 0 (first set). An accident occurred during the manufacturing process, resulting in one of the screws being pulled out and becoming a"special"robot. After that, he was sent to a special class of robot school, where he met"Doraemon seven kids"and became friends with them. Later, Doraemon attended the robot sales meeting held in the robot school. At that time, Shishu, a child, accidentally pressed the purchase button, so he bought Doraemon (from the birth of Doraemon in 2112). In the birth of Doraemon in 2112, Doraemon, as a robot for taking care of children, works in the great sun nobi family. In order to change the bad Mahavira, Shishu decides to ask Doraemon to return to the twentieth Century to help Mahavira.

    Who is more powerful in artificial intelligence in animation

    What do you see in Doraemon?

    It comes from 2112. It's a long time ago. Will it be denied for a while and a half. Many of the works mentioned above are out of hand because of the setting of the times. Artificial intelligence can also be like this. It can be"shamelessly"set from the distant future, so that it will never be out of date. Artificial intelligence can also be like this, facing the unexpected future. He also works with bugs and becomes a"special"robot. Artificial intelligence can also be like this, there can be bugs, this can be, this must be. The most unexpected things will come out with unexpected results. There is a little flavor of evolution. Oxfork is a boutique born from many trials and mistakes. He is to learn, and artificial intelligence is to keep learning. Doraemon is to go to school, and then be sold (find a job), and then finish the work assigned by the leader, and then study and work, and then fall in love with work at work. Artificial intelligence can also be like this, that is, rapid and endless learning and continuous improvement. How complicated and arduous it is to look after and educate children. Only when you are a parent can you know. Doraemon told us that taking care of children should start with being friends. Artificial intelligence can also be like this. It is your friend, not your enemy. Evil artificial intelligence, is there wood? Yes, but that starts with being friends. There are no eternal friends, only eternal interests. still water runs deep. Dongling visitors used to question Doraemon's intelligence. He was a character who loved to eat gongs and was only an artificial intelligence robot who fell in love with cats. However, it was not easy for him to safely Accompany Da Xiong for so long in that era. You should know that he has so many ox and fork props from the future. The economic value can be imagined. There must be a lot of people who have ideas about him. Unexpectedly, there was no competition. If you think about hiding in the world, this artificial intelligence is not simple. Artificial intelligence can also be so gray and low-key.

    To sum up, is duolaimeng the pinnacle of artificial intelligence?

    Who is more powerful in artificial intelligence in animation

    An artificial intelligence character has gone to be a mascot for the Olympic Games.


    , I mentioned the robot cat. Let's talk about the contribution of cats to artificial intelligence.

    It is said that there are two foreign neuroscientists. In the experiment, they opened a small hole of 3mm in the hindbrain bone of cats, and equipped with electrodes to detect the activity of cat nerve cells under certain stimulation. They show various objects of different shapes, sizes, positions and angles in front of the cat to make the cat's pupils receive various types and strong and weak visual stimuli. After a lot of repeated experiments, they found a neuron that can be called directional selective cell. When the visual acquisition system, such as the pupil, sees the edge of the object in front in a certain direction, that part of the neurons will be very active.

    This work has brought people a new understanding of the nervous system. The process of neural system processing information may be a process of abstracting, iterating and evolving. The abstraction is the feature that the neural system extracts data information, and the iteration and evolution is to process and modify these features, so that the features reflect the essence of the data from a lower level to a higher level. For example, cats see the original data (i.e. the information of the object in front of them captured by the visual system) and transmit it to the brain for preliminary simple processing (such as direction selective cells detecting different edges and their directions) After that, it is further combined to locate whether the shape of the object seen by the pupil is round or square, and then further processed to judge the type of object.

    It is said that they won the Nobel Prize for this research. Poor cats have made great contributions to the exploration of artificial intelligence. When we enjoy today's many scientific research achievements, don't forget to be kind to the animals around us.

    Key points of this article

    1. Cats have made contributions to artificial intelligence.

    2, Doraemon is the peak of AI. When you look at this old fan with this point of view, you will have a new experience.

    3. Artificial intelligence can also keep a low profile. For example, today's headline recommendation algorithm is constantly secretly learning your interests and concerns. If you think this article is good and nutritious, thenPay attention to. This headline algorithm will recommend many similar articles to you.

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    Who is more powerful in artificial intelligence in animation



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