review Gurren Lagann: what does spiral force symbolize? Ten answers, nine yes?

    Dongling talks about animation and serious nonsense. In this article, we talk about the spiral force in the classic animation"Gurren Lagann". What does the spiral force symbolize?

    The original work sets that the spiral force is a hidden super ability of people or creatures. The original work does not specifically explain why the spiral force is generated. It can only be said that it is generated with people's own consciousness, such as tornadoes and supernatural forces.

    People with spiral power can turn them into weapons, assimilate existing weapons, and even instantly repair and strengthen them.

    Honglian spiral rock can be said to increase the spiral force, or it is one of the bodies that give full play to the spiral force. It can convert the driver's own spiral force into a drill bit, and the drill bit can be drilled into other bodies for assimilation, repair, strengthening and transformation. If the face is a chariot, the spiral force is the existence of gasoline and shell, and the spiral force is The quantity and intensity depend on the driver's own consciousness.

    After reading the above encyclopedias from foreign countries and domestic encyclopedias, the spiral force has its context and forces Ge Gao a lot.

    The spiral force is the force of evolution. Whether life with spiral genetic factors or the Milky way with spiral structure increases infinitely through the rising spiral energy, which is the truth of the universe.

    It is reasonable to connect the spiral force with the spiral structure.

    It is also connected with the concept of development of things at a deeper level,"development caused by contradiction or negative negation - spiral form of development". Spiral forward, heroes become sinners, sinners become heroes. Many characters in Tianyuan breakthrough are experiencing this spiral change. They become stronger, more frustrated and more brave.

    According to this path, donglingjun can also add one. The spiral force also symbolizes fertility, because the movement mode of human sperm is also spiral.

    What? Isn't sperm swimming like tadpoles?

    I thought so before. Sperm get the power to move forward by swinging their tail, and the tail swings symmetrically left and right. It was popular science this year. It turns out that sperm don't move like that. The swing of its tail is not symmetrical, it swings in one direction - only to one side. The sperm's one-sided stroke will make it swim in circles, but by the spiral force, he finds his way forward. As the tail swings, the sperm head rotates. It forms a spiral movement, turning and moving forward.

    The asymmetric operation mode achieves a symmetrical result. Not only humans, but also many creatures use this way. This motion is symmetrical in two dimensions, but when you look at it in three dimensions, you will find that they swing their tails asymmetrically. This popular science article was newly published in 2020. Researchers from Bristol and Mexico published new research results, several years later than animation.

    Perhaps in a few years, there will be new contents to add to what the spiral force symbolizes. The more spirals people find with life, the more things the spiral force symbolizes.

    The producer will steal music on one side. Fortunately, it's not called drill force, rotation force and screw force. It's a good name. It's specious. Whether we know it or not, someone will expand it sooner or later.

    What does the spiral force in Gurren Lagann symbolize? Ten answers and nine are right. Everything makes sense.

    The drill bit is long-lasting and the screw never stops. This animation, which often occupies a leading position in the fuel system ranking list, is definitely a pleasure to have a look. From the little boy digging a hole to the leader of the Galactic War, it's more interesting to see Simon's growth path than to ponder the meaningless things such as"what the spiral force symbolizes".

    review Gurren Lagann: what does spiral force symbolize? Ten answers, nine yes?



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