Three bad guys in a row, watching these animes together has a great feeling, just a set of growth trilogy

    "Seishun Buta Yaro","ReLIFE"two seasons,"planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~"TV& theater, these three animation put on a look very interesting, they just gathered a set of growth trilogy.

    Adult chapter"Seishun Buta Yaro"- worry

    From carefree children to adults who are responsible for their own behavior, or break the cocoon to become butterflies, or come naturally, there are always many stories in this process. Pig head youth series shows the stories of several teenagers who have completed their transformation through inner struggle with ingenious exaggeration. On the surface, what we see is a love fantasy story, but when we taste it carefully, the contradictions faced by the female owners are very representative.

    In her career, the linen schoolgirl wants to complete the transformation from a child star to a popular idol. She likes acting but hates the"hidden"rules of that circle. Love, double leaf lovesickness, falling in love with XX with a girlfriend, she is very tangled in her heart. Social, XX encountered a dilemma, how to do can not satisfy everyone. Under the education of master XX, they know how to coexist with these contradictory psychology and become mature. It is a pity that Relife didn't experience the troubles of growth at the age of experiencing"growing pains"in the chapter of

    Returning to seventeen years old. When adults go to society, those troublesome problems can't be avoided and will eventually be faced. ReLIFE's ReLIFE portrays the story of these people. People who are immature and unable to adapt to the society return to high school by magic capsule. What is wrapped under the vest of love animation is still the core of breaking through"young me"into"mature me".

    In the age of trouble, early trouble is better than late trouble. Love can cure everything. The puberty of male and female leaders must be pale, and it is unhealthy to be excessively suppressed by external forces. This is the biggest feeling that ReLIFE left to donglingjun.

    Return to the original"Planetarian: Storyteller of the Stars"- muddleheaded

    Maturity is not without cost, and innocence belonging to children will be consumed. In the theater version of the animation"Planetarian: Storyteller of the Stars", Dong Lingjun saw the story of how a hunter in ruins was brainwashed by a robot, returned to nature and changed his career to Planetarian: Storyteller of the Stars. The confused adults began to look forward to the starry sky again. He abandoned utilitarianism to be with the children. Only the children with pure heart can understand his existence value.

    The contradiction and pain in the process of puberty transformation, how to rebuild those who have not completed the transformation, and return to nature after the transformation. The three animes in turn are a unique life growth experience. Deal with the relationship between family, friends, lovers and society, tolerate or like to hate the self of different personalities, abandon or find people's original simple and pure nature. You can always find your own way of spiritual comfort.

    Routine benefits: still worried about what animation to watch? Look at this growth trilogy. Pay attention to Dongling chat animation, praise and forward one-stop.

    Three bad guys in a row, watching these animes together has a great feeling, just a set of growth trilogy



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