At the end of the animation world, resources are extremely scarce. How do they allocate them? Ling Cage:Incarnation and Gurren Lagann have their own”magic moves”

    Animation never lacks stories depicting the future of the end of the world. A major feature of the end of the world is the lack of resources. Since it is extremely scarce, how to allocate resources is a very realistic problem. Some animation deliberately bypass this point and avoid it. There are also animations around this pain point to launch their own narrative, the country man Ling Cage:Incarnation is one of them.

    Lighthouse - fortress in the air and ark of human continuation. Although I think this"Lighthouse"in Ling Cage:Incarnation may be a virtual soul prison, it should still be treated as a eschatological animation at present. After the catastrophe, the surviving humans took refuge in the lighthouse in the air, where resources are scarce, and the important resources that cannot be produced by themselves depend on the famine hunters to bring back from the dangerous land. At that time, the ground had been occupied by monsters, and every time the wilderness hunters went to the ground to perform their tasks, they were doomed.

    The living space of the lighthouse. Strong and able people are more favorable to maintain the survival of the lighthouse. Therefore, they divide people into 369 grades. Those with excellent genes become shangmin, as opposed to the dust people. The distribution scheme adopted there is thatGood resources are inclined to shangmin, and only to"useful"shangmin. For the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled, even those who have made great achievements in war will be"rationally"discarded.

    In the play, the leading group led by mark is unhappy with the long-standing scheme. They have ideals and aspirations, stand up and fight, and hope to change the distribution scheme and make itMore humane and in line with the public's expectations.

    What kind of distribution plan mark will bring? Donglingjun doesn't know. After all, this well-made animation is only half performed (a little slower on Mondays). However, unless the efficiency of obtaining resources can be improved, all good wishes may only be spent in the mirror.

    Seeing theOld heroes being exiled underground and abandoned by the lighthouse, donglingjun remembers the animation"Gurren Lagann", where there are similar problems.

    The earth world is occupied by the spiral king and orcs. People live underground. Scattered small villages and underground cavities with limited space are the world for human survival. There is a greater shortage of materials. One day, the protagonist group who ventured on the ground came to an underground village. There is more poverty. The maximum population that the village can only support is 50 people. Unfortunately, a mother gave birth to triplets. As a result, two people in the village immediately exceeded the standard. How to allocate resources?

    The underground worldStresses humanity and fairness, both newborn children and the elderly are treated equally. They need to draw lots to eliminate two people and let two people go to the ground to take risks (in fact, it is the same as sending the old people out by Ling Cage:Incarnation).

    People drew lots calmly, and the last two motherless orphans became"lucky". According to the uncle of the leader and village head, the lottery seems fair, but it is actually a move. The two babies have no relatives and no one to take. No one will be sad when they are sent away. It is not easy for them to live in the village. Sending them away is the best choice. Sending others away will make more people sad.

    The story of Gurren Lagann is more heartbreaking than that of Ling Cage:Incarnation.Like the seemingly fair world, he is not fair.The unfair scheme in Ling Cage:Incarnation can be targeted and used to be broken. How can Tianyuan break through this"fair"scheme? The story didn't give an answer. Fortunately, the protagonist group took those babies for their own use and became a member of the red lotus group. People don't have to die. Everyone is happy.

    An economist said that no matter what kind of distribution method, it can not be absolutely"fair". The essence of humane distribution scheme and impersonal distribution scheme is distribution scheme.If you want to allocate, there will be rules, and rules will be tricky.Which scheme is better depends on the environment at that time, which is also a kind ofSurvival of the fittest.

    Are these words reasonable? After watching these two animations, everyone should have their own answers in mind. Lack of resources, how to allocate? Which of the two schemes of Gurren Lagann and Ling Cage:Incarnation would you choose??

    Routine benefits:"development"is really good. It can solve the above troubles.Thinking about how to allocate is better than thinking about how to create and obtain resources.Mark led the team to hunt on the ground again, while Kamina and Simon took the red lotus regiment to crusade against the orcs. The people who create wealth are the real heroes. I think it makes sense. Please pay attention and praise.

    How to allocate resources? Ling Cage:Incarnation's plan is not good, Gurren Lagann is heartbreaking

    The lack of resources, how to allocate? Which would you choose for the distribution method of these two animes?

    At the end of the animation world, resources are extremely scarce. How do they allocate them? Ling Cage:Incarnation and Gurren Lagann have their own”magic moves”



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