There is no need to worry too much about becoming a”useless class”, so find a reason to look forward to the early arrival of this day

    Abstract: what is the useless class? What will happen if the useless class grows to a certain extent? Is the useless class miserable?

    The word useless class

    Yuval Noah Harari, author of a brief history of mankind, looks forward to the possibility of mankind becoming a creator in his later brief history of the future. He predicted another tragic prospect of mankind, because AI replaced all the work that could be done, resulting in human idleness and becoming a useless class. Around the useless class, various scholars continue to play and put forward various possibilities, such as human being being"kept in captivity", looking for the meaning of life in virtual reality and so on. In my old article, Sword Art Online also has a prequel, and several novels mentioned are also related to the useless class. The new words put forward by experts are good, and the summary is of high level. Those novels let us more specifically experience various parts of the useless class.

    Useless class

    Useless class will arise. There is no doubt that what needs to be questioned is scale. What scale will the useless class reach? Will there be more and more growth in a certain model way. If most people stay in the virtual world as they say, Dongling can continue to push the artificial intelligence in the real world. They maintain their operation, consume power and resources, and that is distribution on demand. The resources of the virtual world can be copied and created infinitely, which is the so-called great enrichment of resources. People stay in the virtual world, voluntarily do what they like to do, taste seven emotions and six desires, and do things that can even come back from the dead.

    It is distributed according to needs. It is extremely rich in resources and voluntary. Eh! Doubt? I seem to have memorized them in middle school textbooks. Isn't this the future society described by Marxism that we should strive for? It turned out to be so. It's time to worship philosophers. No matter how the process and wishes are different, similar results are waiting in a wonderful place. The crowd looked for him thousands of times. Suddenly looking back, the man was in the dim light. I don't know where another sentence"people are like smelly skin bags"came out. The high realm pursued by some people is very consistent with this useless class mixed in the virtual world.

    Whether the useless class is miserable

    Herali thought it was a miserable prospect. Dongling thought it was at the beginning. Later, after watching the animation of Sword Art Online, Dongling became neutral when writing the soul chicken soup in Sword Art Online, which could not be avoided. However, I think of this doctrine recently, and I hope it will come soon. Have a lot of time to do what you want to do. Although this is in the virtual world, what's sad as long as the world is real enough? From fear to indifference to today's expectation, it is lucky to have the opportunity to witness the arrival of an era.

    Take another step back, the useful class and the useless class will be transformed. What is the so-called useful class in the future era? Those that can cooperate well with artificial intelligence, those that artificial intelligence cannot replace, and those that people force cannot be replaced. However, when the environment changes, the useless class will play a role and become a useful class. As a reserve for wider adaptation (this is very similar to"junk DNA"), there is no need to worry about being erased. It is still a good choice to wait actively and patiently.

    Therefore, there is really no need to choose what direction to develop according to what experts say, and there is no need to worry too much. Live a positive life and live now.

    There is no need to worry too much about becoming a”useless class”, so find a reason to look forward to the early arrival of this day



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