A high school student who eats a pork can shout”don’t forget his original heart”in his heart. What’s going on

    In other words, there was a city loser young man baxuan, who was transferred to a rural vocational high school to study pig raising. During his internship, he named a piglet who had just been born a loser, pork rice. Then, he took good care of the little pig. During the feeding process, he had feelings for pork rice.

    Time flies. In a twinkling of an eye, the piglet will be out of the market. At this time, baxuan is very sad. He can't bear to raise the piglet himself into pork rice.

    Raising pigs is to eat meat, not pets. Students and teachers in various ways to persuade baxuan not to be sad, to cross this threshold, so as to become a professional. For professionals, you can refer to the night fight is a very dedicated"actor", Dongling spectator eyes"Stray God".

    With the help of teachers and classmates, baxuan finally decided to buy pork rice with the money from her summer job after a complex ideological struggle.

    Therefore, a clean big fat pig pet and baxuan lived a happy high school life all day, and pig man was born

    The solution of the story is not like the above. Baxuan bought the meat of pork rice. He should be brave to take care of the pork and eat it with his friends. Finally, on the playground, everyone happily roasted bacon and enjoyed the delicious pork rice. At this time, baxuan must be shouting the sentence"don't forget your original heart, you can always".

    That's how he learned slaughtering

    There are many explanations about"not forgetting the original heart, you can always get it". Those who study Buddhism and like ancient prose don't understand it. In this cartoon, the reason is simpler, that is, the goal affects the decision-making, adheres to the initial goal, and all decisions can achieve the initial goal without departing from the initial goal, which can be seen naturally.

    Has nothing to do with the content of this article. It makes do with

    Raising pigs to eat meat. This is the initial goal (original intention). Pigs grow happily and are slaughtered without pain in order to obtain delicious meat. No matter how many emotions have been mixed before, it should not affect the decision of timely listing, which is most in line with the initial goal.

    Is the initial goal right? Should the goal be changed halfway. That has nothing to do with this sentence. It's another thing. In fact, this is nonsense. I forgot my original heart. That is, the goal has changed, that is, there is no beginning and no end.


    From the picture, we can know which animation the story is from, and recommend"Silver Spoon". Save one conditionally and keep it for the baby. In the future, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to watch such films, especially when selling meat, rotten meat, chicken blood and dog blood has become the mainstream. This is not to say that the mainstream is not good. It is about the nutritional balance. It is all meat dishes. Without vegetarian dishes, there will be a lot of bubbles and obesity.

    A high school student who eats a pork can shout”don’t forget his original heart”in his heart. What’s going on



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