The Wandering Earth plagiarizes Japanese films? Have you ever thought about choosing limited cognitive iteration

    Today, instead of talking about animation, I would like to talk about The Wandering Earth. Some articles say that this plagiarism draws on the demon star glass, and the important plot is the same as that of this Japanese science fiction film 57 years ago. Knowing this, donglingjun thought that"demon Star Glass"was a random novel change. After all, the name is very similar. Can you rub hot spots? As a result, it has nothing to do with the second dimension. But it doesn't matter, maybe one day"The Wandering Earth"out of the animation version, we even layout ahead of time, let's pull it to the animation frame circle to talk about it.

    Donglingjun has talked a lot about plagiarism and reference. Let's summarize the previous views first.

    1. Plagiarism is a great skill. It is worth having

    <thinking cube: can the meng king with the ability to learn hegemony defeat the bone king? we talked about the setting of"golden finger"in"regarding reincarnated to slime". this guy came to the different world with a full set of skills of"analysis, learning, copying and re creation". this enables meng wang to upgrade quickly and become very powerful. don't think plagiarism is easy. it is divided into several steps: analysis - learning - imitation - improvement - re creation. it's also a skill to copy.

    2. It is shameful to imitate plagiarism. The key lies in what to plagiarize. How to plagiarize

    In"plagiarizing, copying and improving"of review Welcome to the Ballroom"? No, it's Duoliang. Dong Lingjun talked about the mentality of the dancers in Welcome to the Ballroom. The dancers in that world are open-minded and worth thinking about. In some cases, we should be cautious about plagiarism.

    3. If there are similarities, it is no coincidence - the result of the game

    Is not intentional in the cartoon character hitting his face? This is intentional! See why,"donglingjun talked about the face collision of animation characters in combination with"Nash balance", and designed the underlying logic of the current situation with the same style. Sometimes we learn from each other, that is intentional, which is the best choice out of the game.

    4, if they are the same, it is no coincidence -- respect for science, no choice (new content comes)

    How did The Wandering Earth learn from Glass? Let's introduce the plot first.

    Plot of the demon Star Glass: the film tells that there is an advancing demon star"goras"in the universe, whose mass is 6000 times that of the earth and is about to collide with the earth. In order to avoid the collision between the earth and goras, Dr. Tanzawa and Dr. Kono of the Japanese Society of astrophysics put forward a bold"earth movement plan". Build a nuclear powered propulsion device in Antarctica, push the earth out 400000 kilometers in 100 days, and change the earth's orbit to avoid the phagocytosis of"goras". Although this plan has been hampered by many obstacles, with the joint efforts of all countries in the world, it has finally successfully promoted the earth to"wander"for a distance, and the earth has successfully escaped from danger.

    Story of"The Wandering Earth": due to the fear of the disaster caused by the explosion of solar helium flash, human beings decided to form a coalition government, install the engine on the earth, push the earth out of the solar system through power, wander in the universe, and go to the new star system to settle down and settle down. The Vagrancy program lasted 2500 years. After the implementation of the plan, people live in the underground city. The wandering journey of the earth is full of crises, including those from outer space (interstellar material impact) and from the interior of the earth (crustal movement and magmatic disaster). People all over the world naturally can't stand loneliness and will do something for a long time of 2500 years. The Wandering Earth takes some typical"struggle"stories and presents them. Finally, the earth is still wandering , I want to see a bright future.

    They say they are the same, because"With the joint efforts of people all over the world, they build large engines to promote the earth and finally resolve the crisis, and the plot is relatively similar". But is this similarity really intentional? The idea of"moving the earth"is not new.

    Archimedes, an ancient Greek physicist, once said,"Give me a fulcrum, and I can pry up the whole earth". We don't know whether the elder really wanted to move the earth when he"spoke wildly", but he inadvertently mentioned moving the earth.

    Active or passive, ifHuman beings really want to move the earth, what are the ways to move the nest for this high-quality mother earth?

    To cultivate and clone a large number of krypton Superman. If they are large enough, they may be able to promote the earth.

    Duolai A dream super large reduced flashlight, universal capsule in DRAGON BALL. Compress the earth and let the ship pull away.

    Any door, the whole hole, let the earth be pulled in to realize instantaneous movement and transfer to other places. Get a massive object to attract it. Increase or decrease the weight of the earth and make the earth change its existing orbit.

    Compared with the above, donglingjun thinks that installing an engine on the earth to promote the earth is the most acceptable and reliable method for the public (although many scientists still think this scheme is not good).

    If you want to do hard science fiction, you must move the earth. Donglingjun thinks thatEarth engineMust have won a lot of votes. This is the same as when an asteroid hits the earth, most works will choose to blow it up and divert it. Can you say that these works are also plagiarism? There are only a few schemes. If there are many works, they will always be repeated. This is precisely a manifestation of respect for science. In order to avoid similarities, we can't come up with a wonderful setting to put a few legs on the earth and go out (of course, some divine authors can come up with a non repetitive and scientific method).

    If the winner of The Wandering Earth is the spaceship faction, someone will come to talk about"Noah's Ark"and so on. If there are similarities, it is no coincidence. There are limited choices. That's the only way. We can see the problem of lying gun in The Wandering Earth in this way."Three thousand in weak water"only takes one ladle, which ladle may be suspected of plagiarism. Who told us to be born hundreds of years late. No wonder people say that it is becoming more and more difficult to make theoretical breakthroughs in this era.

    Above, the interpretation of"plagiarism and imitation"has added another article [limited choice, inevitable repetition], and we will continue to add with new insights in the future.Update iteration, that's it.

    If you look at"The Wandering Earth", whetherShould let the earth roamOr not,People's understanding is also changing. Today is a comedy, tomorrow is a tragedy,This is the real focus of this work. It is valuable to respect and recognize this limitation.Tolerance is not only leaving opportunities for others, but also leaving opportunities for yourself.There is no need to discuss whether The Wandering Earth plagiarizes or not, and the discussion on whether it should go wandering may be more valuable.

    Routine benefits: I've seen a lot of science fiction animation, and I really have a lot of ideas. What's the good way to move the earth?If one day a star with similar mass and volume to the earth would collide with the earth, what would you do?

    The Wandering Earth plagiarizes Japanese films? Have you ever thought about choosing limited cognitive iteration



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