Unforgettable animation masterpiece”Cowboy Bebop”, two men and two women and a dog, driving the ship around

    A few days ago, I read a forecast that Netflix is going to broadcast the live version of"Cowboy Bebop". I also said that the quality of the live version is expected because the producer of the live version invited Watanabe Nobuhiro, the original animation director, as a consultant, and members of sunrise, the original animation production company, to be responsible for the production of the film. This news can not help but let the East Ling Jun two brush this once gave me a deep impression animation"Cowboy Bebop".

    At that time, I felt that spike, the protagonist in the animation, was very cool and handsome. It was a combination of Bruce Lee and Chow Yun fat. How do you like your martial arts, shooting skills and temperament when you take silver out. This second brush revisits the whole essay as a souvenir.

    There is no lack of stories about the career of licking blood with the blade

    Cowboy Bebop can be regarded as a gangster film with science fiction vest. Spike and Jet are too righteous to stand in the original organization. After quitting, the two become bounty hunters, who drive spacecraft to catch fugitives everywhere in the universe to obtain bounty. This kind of knife head licking blood profession has never lacked stories. When you meet a forced fugitive, the story is very interesting; when you meet a forced fugitive, the story is very sad; when you meet a forced fugitive, the story is very exciting. If you can't meet a fugitive, you can also recall the sorrows of the past and wait for rice to cook today. Joys and sorrows, fears and sorrows. There will be a story suitable for you in these 26 words.

    Naturally, the producer has lived up to this good theme. The story is well told, the shooting techniques are in place, and the soundtrack is properly selected, all of which make up such an animation masterpiece that has become a"ceiling level"in manyou's heart.

    The attitude towards women determines the height of a man

    "Cowboy Bebop"men's play is very heavy, but women's weight is not small.

    Two prospective female owners, Faye, a beautiful woman who is addicted to money, and ED, a computer prodigy. Faye has performed various joys and sorrows in the process of looking for the past, and her bright posture also meets the eye-catching needs of many viewers. Ed's exaggerated body movements act as an atmosphere regulator. On the surface, the female child of the male figure looks naive and romantic. She doesn't care about anything except the dog. She is a pistachio and brings pleasure to the audience. In fact, she is always emitting a lonely atmosphere. The more she looks at her, the more desolate she feels at the bottom of her heart.

    The reason why they are quasi female owners is that there is no such wonderful story as these two in a large amount of time, which does not affect the main plot of Cowboy Bebop. Of course, there is no main line. Donglingjun thinks from the bottom of his heart that the past women of the two men are the real main line women. Although they don't play much, their role is very important.

    Spike's woman is also a member of the underworld organization. They agreed to go away and retire from the Jianghu. However, people can't help themselves in the Jianghu. Whoever plays a fake play in order to protect who, spike left the organization and became a bounty hunter. But he still couldn't let go of his girlfriend. He loved her, which was hard to solve. Later, she organized a serious internal struggle between the new and the old. Her woman and many old friends were involved, killed and pursued. She wanted to see him for the last time. Spike heard that he was involved in the battle group despite Jett's dissuasion Tragic heroes are always more unforgettable.

    Jett's woman has an unknown career, but she can't stand the days when she worries about Jett. She's not suitable to be a police family member. The woman asked to break up. Although Jett still loved her, he could only accept it. Later, when Jett caught a wanted man, he met the old acquaintance again. He found that the wanted man was her new boyfriend. Jett has no mercy on his ex-wife. He still wants to arrest them. Finally, the man was caught. Jett also found that the woman and the fugitive were true love. He returned the once love keepsake to the woman (or threw it into the river, I can't remember clearly). In short, Jett completely put down the relationship.

    It can be said that these two women made spike and Jett become bounty hunters. Jett left without concern, and spike had to leave because of concern. Different attitudes towards women determine the different outcomes of the two men. They also explained the sentence"it's better to forget each other in the Jianghu than to help each other". I think everyone will have different answers.

    End welfare: the attitude towards men also determines the height of a woman. Why is the beauty Fei heavily in debt, addicted to gambling, and how she becomes a bounty hunter? The man who cheated him can't get rid of it.

    PS: although"Cowboy Bebop"won the nebula award, the animation is full of a large number of smoking scenes. Once the relationship between cigarettes and gangsters is established, it seems that it will never be solved again. I don't know whether the audience or the filmmakers can't let go. One day,"Cowboy Bebop"to a self breakthrough, smokeless than smoke, leave the cigarette to shape the character as full, the ceiling will be broken, another masterpiece may be born. Let's stop here. Ask for attention and praise

    PS: smoking is harmful to health

    Unforgettable animation masterpiece”Cowboy Bebop”, two men and two women and a dog, driving the ship around



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