There is a big”conspiracy”in the over interpretation of”Non-Human Creature’s Wife”, on which non human adoration can designate ” marriage ” object

    Look at what time donglingjun found. There are only three minutes of instant noodles in each episode of Non-Human Creature's Wife. There's not enough instant noodles. I just put them on and finished the show. Although it was only three minutes, it made donglingjun's imagination and thought of a big talk about nothing.

    A brief introduction to Non-Human Creature's Wife (skippable)

    This time, it has also been translated into"Non-Human Creature's Wife". The animation is adapted from the four comic books co created by eight Sakamoto and Xiangchuan. One day, the head teacher called the high school boy's Sunday boat to the office, and then solemnly announced that the day boat was designated as the marriage object of the incredible creature"kanenogi". I don't know if this school has the tradition of arranging marriage cigarettes. The man actually agreed and handed in the marriage application. He lived a strange newlywed life with a hairy, soft and chubby non-human. At present, I have read two words. The first is to announce my marriage and the second is to send it to my bridal chamber.

    Donglingjun greatly praised the producer's time control. It took 3 minutes in total. At 1:30, the ED began to play, just half. The second time, the ED was compressed to 30 seconds. Neat! The animation is sweet and greasy, and the setting is toxic. Some say it is about beauty, and it is also labeled BL. I like cute pets, warm men and sweet days. I want to relax. This animation can be seen.

    Imagination, God turning

    When the wheel berth on that day was arranged to marry a non-human, donglingjun was thinking, what's the advantage? Second, the benefits come, welfare housing, what a big house, a single family with a small courtyard. Then we will think, why do we value this non-human"kanenogi"so much just because it looks likable? During the"heart to heart talk"between Lunbo and kanenogi, donglingjun found the specialty of Mr. Meng Chong, who feeds on concrete. Manyou will ask, what kind of specialty is this? Is it good at eating soil?

    Some knowledge about"concrete"

    The 50 great inventions shaping the world economy written by Tim Harford mentioned concrete, which is a great invention. Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand and water. Its biggest feature is that it is very strong. Compared with stone, it can also be shaped arbitrarily, and the transportation of raw materials is convenient. It is a building material that has been used in large quantities.

    Concrete also has a hidden advantage, that is, once it is set and formed, it can not be used for other purposes. It is of no other use. Bricks and stones can be removed and used for other purposes. They can be used again to build a pigsty at the head of a softwall, but not concrete. They are flexible before setting and rigid after setting. The result of the integration of flexibility and rigidity is that once they are rigid, no one needs them any more and they are worthless. Therefore, unless it is deliberately demolished, the East built with it basically does not have to worry about people's bad intentions towards him and thieves. Its destiny is either to coexist with buildings forever, or to be forcibly demolished by humans and become construction waste.

    When concrete meets steel bars

    In the mid-19th century, there was a French gardener Joseph Monel. He tried to pour concrete on the steel mesh to make flower pots, and the results were particularly good. Because the toughness of the reinforcement is increased, the special-shaped flowerpot poured out can be firm and reliable in maintaining a very thin appearance.

    Reinforcement and concrete have approximately the same linear expansion coefficient. Secondly, reinforcement and concrete have good adhesion, and they can adapt to a variety of environments together. Steel bars are used to bear strong tension and concrete is used to bear strong pressure. They can give full play to their advantages. The perfect combination makes this material an epoch-making revolutionary invention.

    Nothing is perfect.

    Reinforced concrete also has weaknesses. Various improper operations (including Jerry building) will leave gaps in reinforced concrete. Over time, water will enter the reinforced concrete through the gaps, and the reinforcement will be rusted and rust will expand, which will crack the concrete and lose the bonding force between reinforcement and concrete. Anthropomorphic understanding is that this guy will rot from the inside, which is an incurable chronic disease (permanent irreversible damage).

    Time is a pig killing knife

    Due to the high strength of reinforced concrete, it is widely used to build bridges with large spans and very high skyscrapers. However, once the tensile reinforcement is corroded, it is difficult to support these bridges and buildings only by the strength of the concrete itself. With the deepening of corrosion, this danger becomes greater and greater. Fortunately, this is just a theoretical assumption. It is difficult to predict how long it will take for this to happen. At present, the infrastructure built in the early years of the United States is experiencing such damage. Data show that one of every nine bridges in the United States has structural defects. It takes tens of billions of dollars a year to repair these bridges. It is said that the investment gap is much worse now.


    Now, although the disease of reinforced concrete can not be cured, it is a chronic disease. Once it is large-scale and driven by sufficient interests, there will be new technologies to solve it. No more worried than that. Like the energy crisis and many predicted problems, they will eventually be solved by technological progress.


    The use of reinforced concrete is accompanied by large-scale infrastructure investment. Like the investment cycle, it will erupt periodically. In other words, nothing happens when nothing happens, but a large number of infrastructure facilities at a certain stage will collectively occur, causing great economic problems. The economy has been dragged down before the technology has been solved.

    Anime school (back to imagination, bullshit and entertainment)

    Japan also had a period of mass infrastructure after World War II. Now many structures are experiencing the problems mentioned above. Radiographic inspection, distributed sampling inspection and other methods to detect internal safety have been invented and put into use. For many buildings with early defects or deterioration affected by various external factors at the end of their service life, there are also many seismic reinforcement repair methods. The scrapped buildings that can not be repaired can also be recycled. The recycled reinforcement and concrete can be separated and used as raw materials for next use.

    When it comes to recycling, the most efficient and natural way is"eating", which is an important part of nature's energy and material cycle. When it comes to concrete recycling, treatment and reuse, if a biological"eats"them, it is definitely a promising treatment method. The high-end name seems to be called biodegradation. KANENOGI sang in"Non-Human Creature's Wife"has a kind of ability,It can eat concrete, as for the final conversion into what? It's not said in the animation. Manyou have a brain hole.

    It's definitely not enough to eat soil alone. It should have quantity and scale. How can we have scale? Give policy, as it wishes, what it wants, open life and give subsidies. So the strange marriage between human and non-human specified above came out. It's not surprising that he gave it back to a big house. This is the layout for possible future crises. If there is really a garbage impasse surrounded by waste concrete, the food army will become a magic weapon to alleviate the crisis. Dongling junzhente admires his own God logic, ha ha.

    Routine benefits: after chatting with animation, people worry about the future. If a little partner reads this article, he will work hard and solve the problem of concrete recycling in the future. Not fun? Please look at this reference entitled"current situation and Prospect of recycling technology of building waste concrete". You will find that although the animation part of this article is absurd, the resource utilization of waste concrete is really difficult, and there are opportunities where there are pain points.

    There is a big”conspiracy”in the over interpretation of”Non-Human Creature’s Wife”, on which non human adoration can designate ” marriage ” object



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