Brief comment on RErideD- RErideD -Derrida, who leaps through time-: science fiction and originality score 7.6, and this cool and rotten animation also has some flash points

    Donglingjun likes to watch science fiction, so RErideD- RErideD -Derrida, who leaps through time- insisted on watching this October time. I insist because the animation is really unattractive. All kinds of collapse, all kinds of failure to connect (don't watch episode n), all kinds of little masters who can't kill with random guns. In short, this animation can afford a score of 7.6.

    Introduction (can be skipped): the man found that there was a fatal bug in the civilian robot DZ he participated in the research and development. He tried to repair it, but was stopped by the villain boss. He was chased and killed, and he fell into a frozen sleep device. He woke up ten years later, when the world had fallen into the quagmire of war caused by DZ's violent walk, and his eyes were full of desolation. The man mainly goes to fix bugs and end the war, but there are villains to obstruct it. On the journey of struggle, he finds that he has the ability to travel through time and space. He wants to go back to the past and completely end this tragic future.

    RErideD is an original animation. It is a bit sorry for the masses to make such a thing with such great efforts. However, teachers often say that they should pay more attention to the advantages and less to the disadvantages. In this article, donglingjun comes to try to find the shining point of this time.

    First of all, the most important thing to learn is this release plan. General animation is a word to send out, but this time it comes out 5 words. It is estimated that the publishers feel that their works are off-line. It is hard to look at them once in seven days. They simply choose N-series to make up for their disadvantages. Unfortunately, it's still cold. Whatever the outcome, this attempt is worth praising. More is better in the future.

    Secondly, there is a divine end to this time, which forcefully fills all the holes dug before. Not only fill the pit, but also a long dialogue is very literary. It has directly changed from science fiction fan to Literature fan. This responsible attitude is also worthy of praise. There are many animes that just dig holes and then let the audience fill the holes themselves. Compared with them, this RErideD -Derrida, who leaps through time- has some conscience. It's a pity that he dug such a big hole that he scared the audience away too early.

    Some people say that"it's enough to just look at the first two words plus the Twelfth", and I agree. After 11 words in a row, I finally found out that it was like this. What's the feeling? Who sees who knows. How much information is there at the end? This is the third highlight.

    Again, the story setting of this science fiction animation is not completely new. The last word tells us that all the previous journeys of the male Lord were controlled by the female Lord. Generally, we think that the transgressor will be a hero to save himself or the world. This new setting tells us that he may also be a puppet. Different, this is also a bright spot. It's a bit of inception, dream layer by layer. You think your crossing is you crossing, not necessarily.Extrapolation, you think you are acting according to your self-consciousness, which is not necessarily the same.

    The female Lord Maggie (praying) saved the male Lord (the future of the male Lord's immortality), and the male Lord (crossing) saved the world (changing key nodes and reshaping the future).

    Routine welfare: if you don't want to overturn the case of RErideD- RErideD -Derrida, who leaps through time-, the difference is the difference. I just want to have a look and feel as a souvenir. After all, donglingjun insisted on reading it. If you like to see the collapse, like to be picky, it's very suitable to enter this time. There are definitely many slots for you to spit out.

    Brief comment on RErideD- RErideD -Derrida, who leaps through time-: science fiction and originality score 7.6, and this cool and rotten animation also has some flash points



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